Choose Magento Web Hosting Services To Improve Your Customer Support

By CertifiedHosting 10/02/2012

For online retailers, a solid ecommerce application is the foundation of a business. Using an ecommerce hosting plan, you can organize your products, showcase their best features, and convince visitors to become paying customers. When they do, your ecommerce system collects their chosen items in a shopping cart and handles order processing and payment.

But the best ecommerce hosting plans do far more than sell. Magento hosting services include a range of powerful features designed to improve your customer service, helping you retain customers for the long-term and maximize your revenue from each lead. Some features are built into the Magento platform, while others can be added quickly and easily as Magento Extensions.

Read on to learn about the Magento hosting features that make it easier for you to give your customers the service they expect.

How Magento hosting plans make outstanding customer service easy

Most of the biggest websites on the Internet are retail and ecommerce sites. On these websites, retailers need to provide information about their company, every product they offer, and how orders are fulfilled. Managing all of this information can be difficult and complex. A Magento hosting plan streamlines this entire process.

The Magento Admin control panel is a clear and easy-to-understand interface that gives you complete control over your store from any Internet-enabled computer. Using this control panel, you can view recent orders, see your most popular products, and generate sales reports.

One feature of Magento that can be used to improve your customer service is the ability to view items in abandoned shopping carts. These are carts that were started by visitors, but have not yet been completed. A great way to use this feature is to contact customers that abandoned their carts, either to remind them to complete their order or to offer an incentive for doing so, such as a discount.

For order fulfillment, Magento hosting plans can generate reports in a wide variety of formats that list products due to be shipped. By centralizing your data and compiling it into clear and easy-to-read reports, Magento makes it easier for you to dispatch products efficiently and give customers their orders faster.

Take your customer service to the next level with Magento web hosting extensions

Once you have a solid customer base, you need to work hard to retain them. Drawing new sales from existing customers is far easier than finding new ones, and certain Magento extensions can be used to improve your customer service and decrease customer churn.

One effective way to increase sales per customer is to remain in contact with them. The Magento Extensions database provides tools to integrate your Magento web hosting plan with mailing list software, such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. You can send professional newsletters and mailers to all of your existing customers, and even create more specific marketing campaigns based on product preferences and sales histories.

In addition, Magento extensions streamline your administration so that you can spend more time on customer service. The Magento website features an entire range of extensions that are invisible to your customers, but make the Magento control panel faster and easier for you to work with. Some popular extensions include grid layouts for bulk product editing and tools for currency rate automation.

Explore the range of options available to you in a standard Magento hosting plan and the wider range of Magento extensions. If you want to grow your online retail business successfully, be sure to take advantage of everything your Magento hosting plan can do.

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