Cpanel Hosting - What They Don't Want You To Know...

By CertifiedHosting 11/02/2009

It's no secret that cPanel hosting is a great tool for webmasters. You can add your own domains, email addresses and even setup your own databases. There are many tools in cPanel, some of which you are already using today. But there's even more.

Certified Hosting offers cPanel hosting on all of our accounts. With Certified Hostings' cPanel hosting, our customers can one-click install over 100 pieces of software, including ClipBucket, Dolphin, Magento, PHPMotion and VidiScript.

Some web hosts don't offer cPanel hosting or limit what you can do through cPanel, making it inconvenient to add software and additional add-ons.  I've always wondered why?!? Perhaps they are afraid of you actually using your account or maybe they do not want to be out the time and money to offer these services to their customers. Who knows!

Are we out of our minds to make you an offer like this? Not at all! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to grow your business. When your business increases, our business increases.