Create Fast Loading Video Sharing Sites With Ffmpeg Hosting

By CertifiedHosting 11/05/2010

More and more people are creating homemade videos and sharing those videos online with people who share similar interests. Videos on all subjects are popular with website visitors and help people learn about your products and services in an engaging way. Online videos are also easy to access from mobile devices and many video sharing sites offer the option of watching videos from a cell phone, especially today’s advanced smartphones.

One reason website owners may not utilize video on their websites is the amount of server resources and bandwidth videos use. Businesses using shared hosting to connect their websites to the Internet may not use videos in fear of overloading their server and suffering hosting penalties such as being “locked out” or shutdown. Another concern website owners have in allowing users to upload their own videos is some users may upload their videos in a file format not supported by their web hosting server.

Certified Hosting FFmpeg web hosting supports multiple video files

FFmpeg video hosting is a free, open-source software option for creating videos, manipulating existing videos, and accepting video files from others to publish on your website. FFmpeg hosting allows you to create videos using the format you want and allows you to change the file format of existing videos so web visitors can view all the videos available on your website.

With Certified Hosting’s unlimited FFmpeg hosting, you can change your video files to the format that loads fastest and uses the least bandwidth. That way, you create a better experience for your web visitors and you can upload more videos using the same amount of bandwidth. You can also use FFmpeg to compress the audio and video files so they use fewer server resources. As a leading FFmpeg web host, Certified Hosting supports all audio and video file formats, giving you complete control over your website and your website’s user experience.

Manipulate audio and video separately

Set your video sharing site apart from the crowd by customizing videos to the interests of your audience. Tube site hosting at Certified Hosting has unlimited tools so you can work separately with the visual and audio parts of your videos. For example, you may offer the same video on your website with the audio dubbed in several languages to appeal to your international website visitors.

Certified Hosting FFmpeg web hosting includes scripts such as ClipShare and PHPmotion so you can create and manage your videos without being a coding expert. All FFmpeg hosting servers are configured for optimal video streaming to give your website visitors the best video sharing experience.

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