Custom Wordpress Login Screen

By CertifiedHosting 07/22/2013

Certified Hosting WordPress login screen logo

So, I am kinda fanatical about making sure our company logo is everywhere.  It called "branding" so I have been told by some marketing gurus.

Even though no one else really goes to your WordPress login screen (well, they shouldn't be anyway) it's kinda cool to know you are in the right place.  I don't know, just in case you had one too many glasses of wine or something ;)

Fine, you want a real reason?  Guest Bloggers!  So they know they are in the right place. Plus, you could leave a little custom message embedded in the logo image, if you wanted.

Here is how you can customize your WordPress login page.

1) You need FTP access.  Of course you have this already from your super duper hosting provider. Just case you do not know to FTP, here are some cool video tutorials for you

2) Create your logo.  It is best if the logo is a .png and is exactly 312 pixels for best results.

3) Name your file login-logo.png

4) FTP to your account and locate your WordPress install folder.  Upload the PNG image to your WordPress content directory (/wp-content/

5) Install this cool plugin

That is it!  You should now see your awesome logo on your WordPress login screen.

Happy Branding everyone XOXO :)