Dancing With Myself

By CertifiedHosting 06/24/2011


Sitting here at my desk, I stare blankly at my computer screen - nerves rattled and pulling at my hair. You see, the task in front of me is a daunting one. I have set out to build Certified Hosting's social media audience. Now I am sure, some of you might be thinking that I have an easy job. Well, although it IS fun...it is NOT easy! Some days, well most days, I feel like I am "Dancing with myself..."

We have created multiple twitter accounts (@certifiedhost and @webhostpromos) and I post a daily deal that is then linked up to the Certified Hosting Facebook account. These daily deals are a great savings and can only be found through the Certified Hosting social media networks we are a part of. But still, I find myself singing..."But your empty eyes...Seem to pass me by...Leave me dancing with myself".

Participation is key to getting the most out of any social media site. With the recent revision of our Certified Hosting forums, there are many discussions that you can join or you can start one of your own. It is amazing what you can accomplish and learn within a group of your peers!

"So let's sink another drink...'Cause it'll give me time to think...If I had the chance...I'd ask the world to dance...If I had the chance...I'd ask the world to dance...If I had the chance...I'd ask the world to dance"!

Help this girl out and come participate in the CH forums, follow us on Twitter and 'Like' us on Facebook. I'm tired of "Dancing with myself..."