Earn More Money With The Highest Paying Affiliate Program

By CertifiedHosting 05/11/2012

There are many reasons that you might decide to get started with a web hosting affiliate program. Whether you plan to advertise your chosen web hosting provider on your existing website, launch an entirely new web presence for affiliate marketing, or just add your referral link to forum signatures and social media networks, an affiliate hosting program gives you the opportunity to earn extra income by simply referring new customers to a web hosting provider. However, if you are not using the highest paying affiliate program in the industry, you could be throwing away thousands of dollars every single month.

Certified Hosting provides one of the highest paying affiliate programs on the Web, with three distinct payout tiers to help you start earning more money as soon as possible. But why take our word for it? We’ve put together a direct comparison of our payout tiers with those of similar affiliate web hosting programs, giving you a quick overview of how our affiliate hosting program compares with the competition.

Highest paying affiliate programs compared head-to-head

Learning how a web hosting provider pays its affiliates is a crucial factor in finding the best web hosting affiliate program for you. On some level, looking for the highest paying affiliate program is a simple matter of choosing the web host that is willing to pay the most money for each referral. Take a look at the following table, comparing Certified Hosting’s affiliate web hosting program to two of the other most popular affiliate programs available.

Certified Hosting

Program #2

Program #3

1-10 Referrals




11-20 Referrals




21+ Referrals




As you look at the affiliate hosting program payout table above, you can immediately see that Certified Hosting’s highest commission tier pays above and beyond the highest tiers offered by other hosts. However, affiliate hosting programs are rarely that simple, and, in reality, finding the highest paying affiliate program is not just about looking for the highest top-tier payout.

In the example above, Program #2 works hard to attract new affiliates, with a higher initial payout. Unfortunately, this is at the cost of lower payouts for higher tiers. While it may seem at first glance as if Program #2 gives you the chance to earn more money sooner, all the host in question has done is move money around, limiting your real earning potential as you grow.

Equally, Program #3 may seem appealing because it is simple – just one fixed amount for every payout. With this affiliate hosting program, you could earn $85 for just a single referral. But consider the impact of this payout structure later on, as you reach your tenth and twentieth referrals. While Certified Hosting would pay you $3,125 for 25 new customers, Program #3 would pay just $2,125 – a loss of a thousand dollars!

Start earning money with the highest paying affiliate program from Certified Hosting

Whether you are looking to start earning right away, or you are planning to maximize your income as you reach higher milestones, Certified Hosting provides the highest paying affiliate program. Certified Hosting also provides the tools and features that you need to make your marketing efforts a success.

When you sign up to the Certified Hosting affiliate hosting program, you will receive a unique web address that you can use to send customers to the Certified Hosting website. Once your visitors click the link, a cookie is instantly placed on their computer to track them for the next 90 days. This means that even if your referred customer does not place their order immediately, you will still receive the payout fee that is owed to you for your work.

In addition, Certified Hosting offers free web hosting services to anybody who plans to use their hosting to advertise and refer new customers to any of the company’s shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS hosting), or dedicated server hosting solutions.

Finally, if you can refer more than twenty new customers to Certified Hosting every day, why stop with a $125 payout? Certified Hosting rewards the hardest-working affiliates with Power Player status and unique, tailored payouts to provide fair payment for the best affiliates.

To learn more about Certified Hosting’s highest paying affiliate hosting program, call 909-498-4415 or visit certifiedhosting.com now.