Enjoy Powerful Sharing And Collaboration Capabilities With The Elgg Social Networking Platform

By CertifiedHosting 05/06/2011

If you are looking for a robust social networking engine to help you establish your own full-fledged social network supported with popular tools and customizable to your specific requirements, Elgg is the best choice for you. Powerful and flexible, Elgg provides an ideal platform to build a community website with fully integrated social features and the ability to tailor your website to your own specific needs. Whether it is sharing and collaboration, creating and posting articles and blogs or aggregating news via feeds, Elgg provides everything you need to build the next big community site on the web.

So if you want to create your own social networking website with fully-featured tools for blogging, news aggregation, and file sharing, Elgg is the platform that will help you do just that. A recently published Certified Hosting article, Deploy your Own Social Network with a Comprehensive Set of Features, Tools, and Plug-ins Available with Elgg, provides relevant information on Elgg by presenting an overview of Elgg’s history and development, explores what you need to run Elgg, and describes the features available with Elgg hosting. With the open-source model it's built on, an incredible level of community support, and the business-friendly features available, Elgg is a solid choice for organizations and professional communities to use as a foundation to build their social networks.

Top reasons to choose Elgg web hosting to power your Elgg-based website

Suitable for general community websites, media sharing and networking, marketplace websites, corporate communication, and many more, Elgg hosting allows you to focus on building your social network without worrying about building the core engine. If you are looking for a powerful, flexible solution for building or enhancing your social networking website, Elgg web hosting is exactly what you need.

Here are the top reasons for choosing Elgg hosting for your Elgg-powered social network:

  • With Elgg hosting services you get access to more than just a social networking platform. You get advanced user management and administration, cross-site tagging, powerful access control lists, and the support for a wide range of social media tools such as blogging, RSS feeds, wikis, bookmarking, and more in one single web hosting plan. In addition, developing and running your social network on Elgg allows you to maintain full ownership and control over your data, monitor your own actions, and keep track of other users’ activities too.
  • Using the Elgg web hosting service within your organization means you don’t have to work on integrating a range of stand-alone social media tools. Elgg saves you time, effort, and energy by using more than a dozen plug-ins and tools that can be enabled with a simple mouse click.
    • With Elgg hosting you don't have to worry about security and privacy issues. All the data within your group or organization is safe because you can choose your own privacy settings.
    • Since Elgg is not a centralized service, an Elgg web hosting solution allows you to easily customize your system according to your specific requirements and preferences, while retaining site-to-site connectivity.

    Due to its open-source nature, powerful collaboration capabilities, and user-friendly features, it is easy to see why Elgg is growing in popularity with groups, organizations, and businesses worldwide. With Elgg web hosting solutions, you can now take advantage of this powerful social networking platform to build and deploy your own highly configurable and scalable social network.

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