Enjoy The Stability And Uptime Of Vps Hosting With Certified Hosting’S Unlimited Shared Hosting Plans

By CertifiedHosting 03/04/2011

Certified Hosting’s mission is to give our clients the best of what the hosting industry has to offer at the same great price you expect from us. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients’ hosting experience is rewarding by constantly improving our services and upgrading our infrastructure.

In a recent Certified Hosting press release, Certified Hosting Announces Deployment of CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack Across Shared Hosting Platform for Maximum Uptime and Stability, details yet another improvement – the recent move of the entire Certified Hosting shared hosting platform to CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack, intended to maximize overall stability, uptime, and performance of all Certified Hosting shared servers. What does this mean to you, our clients?

What you ultimately get is the most stable and reliable unlimited shared hosting environment available on the market, at absolutely no extra charge to you. With the deployment of the latest technologies like CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack, all existing Certified Hosting clients using our shared hosting services will immediately notice the improvement in performance and stability of their websites once all servers have been migrated to the new platform.

Did we mention greatly improved uptime? Our support experts will now have much more time to assist you with your website accounts and answer your inquiries instead of spending hours trying to get servers back online or working late hours applying OS patches to keep your systems updated.

Two ways to get rid of downtime by eliminating resource spikes and server reboots

Imagine a shared hosting environment that provides the level of stability and availability close to that of VPS hosting. CloudLinux OS offers you just that. By deploying this innovative OS across the Certified Hosting shared hosting platform, our shared hosting clients now have the ability to experience website stability and hosting account availability previously only achievable in a VPS hosting environment.

Similar to VPS hosting, all Certified Hosting unlimited shared hosting accounts will be isolated from each other on a shared server and assigned a specific amount of server resources resulting in much better performance and stability of Certified Hosting customer websites. With CloudLinux OS, resource spikes are eliminated so a single website account will no longer bring the entire server down. All Certified Hosting clients using our unlimited shared hosting plans can now have peace of mind knowing their websites are always up and running.

Although Certified Hosting has a great uptime record and our customers know firsthand just how good our uptime is, there was still room to improve. So we did by going completely reboot-less on our shared hosting server platform! Ultimately, there will be no more server reboots due to OS kernel patching, which will translate to even better uptime for our clients’ websites. How? With Ksplice Uptrack.

The Ksplice Uptrack service will allow Certified Hosting expert technicians to update our Linux-powered shared servers on the fly, while servers are running, and without any server reboots. Downtime, even as short as the 20 minutes required to apply kernel security patches, is still downtime, which affects website availability. As a result, users trying to access a website during this time without success go elsewhere. We know you do not want that to happen and neither do we so we took the appropriate measures to eliminate downtime by utilizing Ksplice Uptrack.

CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack combination allows Certified Hosting to greatly improve uptime and quality of service

Certified Hosting’s CEO, Kacy Carlsen, says, “Certified Hosting constantly monitors the IT market for new and innovative technologies that we can implement to make our customers’ online experiences even better.” Certified Hosting has always searched for the latest innovative technologies to help improve our services. These improvements are usually done at no extra costs to Certified Hosting customers, like last year’s upgrade to unlimited disk space and bandwidth in all Certified Hosting shared hosting plans.

The recent move to CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack across our unlimited shared hosting platform is yet another improvement that will greatly enhance the web experience of clients using Certified Hosting shared hosting plans. From greatly improved uptime to maximized website stability and availability, you get these great benefits at absolutely no additional cost.

Certified Hosting’s already great customer support will also improve thanks to the move. Now, Certified Hosting support experts will be able to provide more attention to our clients instead of fighting resource spikes and rebooting servers thanks to CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack. And like our CEO Kacy Carlsen says, “We are extremely confident that the CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack combination will provide us and Certified Hosting customers with a more reliable, stable, and secure shared hosting environment than ever.”

It’s a great time to be a Certified Hosting customer. Are you ready to join the Certified Hosting family? Visit http://certifiedhosting.com/unlimited-web-hosting/ to learn more about Certified Hosting’s unlimited shared web hosting services with CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack or contact us today to get started.