Find The Right Blogging Platform For Your Business

By CertifiedHosting 10/26/2012

There are many reasons webmasters choose an easy-to-use blogging platform instead of manually working with HTML pages and source code. In most cases, convenient centralized dashboard makes writing new blog posts, changing layouts, and adding functionality fast. In addition, blogging platforms make it easy for businesses to extend the functionality of their websites, taking advantage of content management system (CMS) features that can handle static pages, blogs, and media-rich applications.

But perhaps the most important benefit of a blog platform is flexibility. A quick look at just a few websites that use WordPress, for example, reveals how customizable the platform really is. Discount site Groupon, rock band Motley Crüe, and the Administrative Council of the United States all leverage WordPress to power their websites, each in an entirely different way.

If you plan to launch a blog for your website, you should find the blog hosting provider that meets your specific goals. Then, you can use the built-in flexibility of blogging software to tailor and customize your customers’ experience.

In a new article published by experienced blog hosting provider Certified Hosting, Which Blogging Platform Is Best for You?, we compare and contrast three popular blogging platforms. By reading the article, you will learn about the features of WordPress, Movable Type, and Nucleus, and discover the differences that make each platform different. With these differences in mind, you can easily find the blogging platform that is right for your unique goals.

Blog platforms support more than just blogs

The distinctive feature of a blog is that your individual posts can be pulled together on one centralized blog page. Many blog platforms allow you to show short extracts of your posts, which your visitors can click for the full content. But as you look for a blog platform, it is useful to think beyond blog posts. Every major blogging platform now offers additional features that can be used to power your entire website, from static web pages to rich applications and media.

In the new article from Certified Hosting, you will discover the features of three blogging platforms that can be used for your overall site content, in addition to your blog posts. By reading the article and improving your knowledge of these platforms, you can choose a service that works for your blog, but can also be extended to manage more content as your requirements change.

Often, unusual and distinctive functionality can be added to your chosen platform using plugins. Our new article discusses the role of plugins and why choosing a service with fewer initial features could improve the performance of your website, without restricting your ability to add more diverse content in the future.

Finally, we look beyond blogs and into the world of social media. You will learn how solutions such as Movable Type make building your own online community easy, and why more and more webmasters are moving to the Movable Type platform.

For developing your blog and your website’s content, Certified Hosting’s new article is a must-read guide to making an informed, intelligent, and lasting decision about your chosen blog platform.

Get unlimited blog hosting services from Certified Hosting

If you take the time to research the different blog platforms available to you, you can make a single decision about your hosting that will last the lifetime of your website. With the right blog hosting plan, you can effortlessly evolve your website, without needing to start over. However, as your website expands, you will need a blog hosting service that can cope with increasing demand.

Certified Hosting offers a variety of blog hosting services, including Movable Type hosting, WordPress hosting, and Nucleus hosting solutions. To maintain performance even as your traffic grows, Certified Hosting provides unlimited blog hosting, with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited MySQL databases to support multiple sites on one plan.

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