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By CertifiedHosting 02/18/2016

Let’s Encrypt – The Free Open Source Security Certificate is Now Available at Certified Hosting

When Let’s Encrypt, an open source security certificate provider, entered public beta in December 2015, it changed the encryption game forever. Until then, encryption through SSL security certificates was only available for a fee from Certification Authorities (CAs).

As a leading web hosting company, we are always one of the first to introduce new and ground breaking features to our hosting platform. Certified Hosting team has been working in the background to  identify and resolve any possible issues Let’s Encrypt may have had on our optimized platform. We are now happy to announce that our Certified Geeks Team has completed the internal testing process on our platform.

What is Let’s Encrypt?

Let’s Encrypt is a free open source alternative to traditional SSL certificates. It is absolutely free of cost and uses an automated domain-validated system to issue security certificates. The goal of this open-source project is to make web browsing safer for all internet users by making data transfer encryption free, fast and accessible.

What are the advantages of using Let’s Encrypt certificates?

  • Free of cost

  • Easy to install

  • Does not need emails for validations

  • Does not need a dedicated ip

  • It is trusted by all major browsers

  • Auto renewals

How do I install a Let’s Encrypt security certificate?

It is easy to install Let’s Encrypt from the cPanel of your Certified Hosting account. And you may install as many certificates as you need for each domain and subdomain that you own.

All your Let’s Encrypt certificates are set to auto renew by default unless they are cancelled manually in cPanel.

For details steps on how to install Let’s Encrypt, please Click Here.