Get A Quality Drupal Hosting Service In Two Simple Steps

By CertifiedHosting 07/08/2011

When it comes to websites, most owners look for the same features – attractive looks, reliable functioning, and ease of use, both for end-users and administrators. For a long time, having a website that met all these requirements meant hiring an expensive team of developers to build it from scratch and, after the site went online, paying a hefty fee for maintenance and support.

The answer to this common problem came under the form of content management systems (CMS). CMS separate the task of designing and maintaining a website from the actual content creation. Once the site is created, a user with little or no development skills can create content and add it to the website, without modifying a single line of code.

Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems, being used in millions of websites, from personal pages to huge corporate websites or government portals. There are several reasons that make Drupal web hosting the preferred choice of developers around the world, including powerful capabilities, extensive scalability, and flexibility. Below, you will see how you can find the right Drupal web hosting plan in just two simple steps. Also, you will learn about the importance of selecting a Drupal hosting solution that answers your hosting needs in the long term.

Step One: Find an affordable Drupal web hosting service

When building a Drupal website, the first step, and arguably the most important, is to select a quality Drupal hosting provider that has the expertise required to host your website in the best conditions. Good web hosting is the foundation upon which your entire web presence is built. If your Drupal website does not have a solid Drupal hosting solution as its base, you will feel the negative consequences, soon or later.

There are many providers on the market claiming to offer great Drupal web hosting services, so how can you make sure that you get the best possible services? One thing to look for is the service package that comes with the Drupal hosting solution. Some providers may charge for setting up your Drupal website or transferring it from another host. The service fees may not be high, but they can add up quickly and turn an apparently cheap Drupal web host into a bad deal.

Look for the hosts that provide free Drupal installations and free Drupal transfers. Free setup is particularly important when you are planning to host several sites on your Drupal host. Some providers even charge for maintenance services, so make sure to get free Drupal module installation and free Drupal updates.

Step Two: Make sure you get an unlimited Drupal web hosting solution

One of the greatest things about the Drupal CMS is its scalability. A Drupal website can handle large amounts of traffic without a glitch, the best example being the portal that routinely receives millions of visitors per day. Of course, in order to cope with high traffic levels, a Drupal installation requires generous hardware resources, including disk space, processing power, and bandwidth.

When you are building a website, it is a good idea to plan for the long term and prepare for your future growth. Consider that most web hosting plans have a one-year or more duration, and it is difficult and expensive to move to another host during that time. Even if you do not expect a lot of traffic to your Drupal site, it is still important to leave room to grow.

The solution is to choose an unlimited Drupal web hosting services provider. Unlimited plans come with unlimited disk space, databases, and bandwidth. This way, you can be sure that your Drupal site will work glitch-free, even during peak times. Moreover, some unlimited Drupal hosting providers offer an unlimited number of domains with a single hosting account, meaning that you can host numerous websites, while paying a single, affordable fee.

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