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By CertifiedHosting 12/30/2011

Ever wished you had an expert on call to help you with the technical side of hosting your website? Someone to explain what you need to do in plain English and not in cryptic tech-speak?

With our video tutorials page, we try to give you just that – easy-to-follow, clear instructions for almost every task related to hosting a website. From setting up a POP email account to installing a photo gallery, we have hundreds of hosting video tutorials that will get you up to speed, regardless of what you want to do with your website.

Hands-on videos that drive the point home

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We took this idea to a whole new level on our video tutorial page. Some people may prefer conventional tutorials, with lists of instructions, notes, and screenshots, but for those of you who like to watch videos to learn, we have created a video tutorials page just for you. Our video tutorials are simple, clear, and complete, meaning they are useful for all customers, from newbies looking to dip their toes into web hosting to seasoned web masters who want a refresher.

Our web hosting video tutorials feature step-by-step walkthroughs accompanied by video recordings of the actual operation. The parts that require your attention are highlighted with callouts that explain in detail what you need to do and how to do it. You will no longer have to guess what a point in the tutorial means or spend precious minutes finding a button in the interface.

By following the step-by-step instructions in our video tutorials, you can quickly solve even the most complex problems. The video tutorial section is your best option if you need to accomplish something fast. Instead of wasting hours searching for solutions on Google, going through forum posts, or calling support, you get all the information you need in an accessible form, in one location.

Complex operations in bite-sized chunks

Even the most complicated tasks can be broken down into simple steps that are easy to follow. This is exactly what we did with our web hosting video tutorials. Therefore, you will not have to go back and forth through long videos, searching for a specific step. Instead, each major topic is composed of several smaller videos. For instance, the cPanel section contains tutorials such as How to login into cPanel, How to create an add-on domain in cPanel, How to use webmail from cPanel, and many others.

We used our experience in providing quality support services to single out the problems that web hosting customers actually need help with. Overall, there are 20 major sections, covering the topics that are most likely to interest you, such as cPanel, Softaculous, WebHostingManager, FTP, DNS management, domain transfers, and email. We even have videos for setting up mail on your iPhone or iPad, or for using web publishing software such as Dreamweaver.

Navigating through the page and finding the specific tutorial you need is quick and easy. Just click on the section you want in the top toolbar and you will be taken to the list of tutorials available in that section. Then click on a link, and the video tutorial will instantly start playing. It’s all very simple.

Become an expert web master by visiting the Certified Hosting video tutorial page

We highly recommend visiting our tutorial page and having a look at the various videos available. Even if you’re an advanced user, you may discover new things or build on your knowledge to become a proficient web master. And if you are just beginning with web hosting, the video tutorials page can be your one-stop shop for getting assistance. Make the most out of your website with the Certified Hosting video tutorial page!

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