Get Faster And More Secure Web Hosting With Free Cloudflare Services

By CertifiedHosting 01/12/2012

If your web presence is to be successful and keep visitors and customers happy, security is an essential element of any web hosting service. Almost every project on the Internet makes use of masses of data, from internal data such as product descriptions, to end-user data such as customer contact information. As a website owner, it is your obligation to keep all of this data safe from malicious attacks ranging from distributed denial of service (DDoS) to comment spamming and bot crawling. Even when these attacks do not directly affect your data security, they are sure to impact the performance and responsiveness of your shared web hosting or reseller hosting solution.

The relationship between security and speed is far more complex than it might seem at first glance. Although it is true that keeping your website defended against attacks will generally help you maintain quick web page loading times, the implementation of robust security features such as a hardware firewall can ultimately have a negative impact on the responsiveness of your shared hosting plan. Every business and individual wants their web presence to be both safe and speedy, but how can web hosting customers strike that delicate balance between speed and security?

At Certified Hosting, we take the stress and complexity out of web security by offering a professional solution that does not impact speed. The launch of complimentary CloudFlare services across all of our shared web hosting services and reseller hosting plans gives you the chance to make your website more secure and more responsive, in just one click.

How does CloudFlare web hosting work?

Developed by Matthew Prince and Michelle Zatlyn, CloudFlare was originally conceived as a “firewall in the cloud.” CloudFlare offers dependable perimeter protection for your shared hosting plan, without the need to deploy new hardware. Usually, when a visitor types your domain name into their browser, the content on your hosting plan is transferred directly to their computer from the Certified Hosting network. In the case of CloudFlare, all incoming and outgoing traffic to your website passes through one of 13 CloudFlare data centers, allowing this impressive software to monitor all activity and investigate potential risks to your security.

In the event of an unusual traffic spike, CloudFlare analyzes the visitors to your website to identify the patterns of known malicious attacks. Since the CloudFlare distributed servers act as proxies to so many individual websites worldwide, the accuracy and efficiency of CloudFlare’s attack identification system grows more intelligent all the time. This helps assure customers that the vast majority of attacks are identified and eliminated quickly. However, in the event that an attack begins to impact the performance of your website, CloudFlare can automatically switch to a cached version of your content – a backup copy that the CloudFlare servers provide until your actual shared hosting plan returns to normal service.

As well as this robust range of security features, shared hosting services and reseller web hosting services with CloudFlare functionality enabled gain a noticeable increase in speed, thanks to the local servers in diverse parts of the world. If a visitor from London wants to see your website, why waste time transferring data from the U.S.? With a mirror of your entire web presence stored on a CloudFlare server that is geographically closer to your users, your visitors can enjoy lightning-fast page loading times, wherever in the world they are located.

CloudFlare brings both security and speed to websites, and best of all, it does this almost completely invisibly.

Activate CloudFlare on your shared web hosting service today

At Certified Hosting, we provide customers with the latest developments in web security, while also making shared web hosting easy. CloudFlare is fully integrated with our existing cPanel web hosting services, and can be activated with just one click from within your web hosting control panel. After selecting a security level for your site, CloudFlare manages itself, leaving you to get on with the business of running your web presence, without the fear of malicious attack.

CloudFlare is now available from Certified Hosting on all of our shared web hosting and reseller web hosting solutions, at no extra cost. Whether you are serving end-users or reselling hosting plans, give your customers the experience they deserve with CloudFlare hosting features today.

For more information on CloudFlare hosting and the range of unlimited web hosting services available from Certified Hosting, call 1-909-498-4415 or visit today.