Get Full Control Over Your Data With Mysql And Phpmyadmin

By CertifiedHosting 11/30/2011

No modern Internet presence is possible without dynamic elements. Whether you’re running a corporate website or a personal blog, dynamic elements add the depth and interactivity that Internet users have come to expect from a Web 2.0 page.

Behind the eye-catching interactive elements that commend the attention of visitors there is always a database, be it MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MS SQL Server. Without databases, we wouldn’t have things like comments, users, or custom settings. Most users don’t give a second thought to these data-driven elements, as long as they work properly. But when things do go awry, the effects can be highly visible and potentially disastrous.

Seasoned webmasters know all too well that SQL-related errors are among the most common website problems. It is therefore extremely important to choose a web hosting service that lets you quickly solve SQL issues, and even more importantly, to prevent problems from appearing altogether.

Choose the most stable SQL database server

There are many types of SQL databases, technically known as relational database management systems (RDBMS). All RDBMS rely on the SQL (Structure Query Language) programming language, but they implement it in different ways. For this reason, the performance and reliability of SQL database systems vary widely.

One SQL implementation in particular stands out as a highly stable option – MySQL. The open source MySQL RDBMS is probably the most used database software in the world, owing its popularity to the rich feature set and glitch-free functioning. In terms of reliability, MySQL beats much more expensive commercial implementations, such as Microsoft SQL Server. Databases built and administered with MySQL routinely handle millions of entries, without hogging resources or throwing errors.

Because it’s free to use, most web hosting providers offer MySQL in their standard packages. However, make sure to check the MySQL support level before committing to a web hosting plan. Not all MySQL hosting providers support the latest version of the software, while others limit the size or number of MySQL databases you can use. Go for an unlimited hosting plan that doesn’t restrict how you can use your MySQL databases. In this way, you won’t have to worry about moving to a better hosting plan when your website grows.

Don’t forget about the tools required to administer your MySQL database

By itself, MySQL doesn’t include a graphical user interface, so you can only interact with the database via command lines. Luckily, there are many frontend programs that run on top of MySQL and allow you to administer the database visually.

One such administration tool is phpMyAdmin. The application lets you create tables, modify entries, delete entries, change table database settings, and accomplish just about any other task related to your MySQL database, all from a web browser. There are many situations in which you may need to directly access the database that powers your website. For example, you may need to delete a specific entry or change a complex database setting. phpMyAdmin lets you investigate and solve common problems and tweak your database for optimal performance.

phpMyAdmin’s convenience and capabilities make it ideal for newbies and pros alike. As a casual user, you may never need it, but it’s good to have it installed anyway. Make sure to opt for a MySQL web hosting solution that includes phpMyAdmin or a similar administration tool.

For quality MySQL hosting, come to Certified Hosting

Databases are vital components of modern web applications, so it’s important to find a quality MySQL hosting service that enables you to build, maintain, and operate complex databases. Certified Hosting provides unlimited MySQL databases with any web hosting plan you choose, enabling you to run multiple installations of WordPress, Joomla, or other applications.

With Certified Hosting, it’s easy to deploy and run your own custom applications or to fine-tune your third-party applications. The powerful phpMyAdmin tool is quickly available from cPanel, along with Remote MySQL and the intuitive MySQL database wizard. And, if you ever need the support of a MySQL expert, Certified Hosting’s geek team is always ready to help.

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