Get The Most Flexible And Cost-Effective Dedicated Server Hosting With Custom Dedicated Hosting Services

By CertifiedHosting 04/14/2011

Reliability, stability, and security are top concerns for any business using web hosting services because company reputation, popularity, and profits directly depend on the availability of your website. This is especially true if you run a mission-critical or an e-commerce website as even the smallest amount of downtime can result in lost revenues and a damaged reputation.

To prevent this from happening, you need to ensure your web hosting service is reliable and secure enough to provide consistent and uninterrupted performance of your website in any situation. Whether you are contemplating establishing a web presence or your website has already carved a niche but your current shared hosting account is becoming too limited, your best option is to move to dedicated hosting services.

Dedicated web hosting is more expensive but also the most powerful type of hosting. It usually comes in two flavors – managed and unmanaged or custom dedicated web hosting where you can choose the type of management services you want. While managed dedicated hosting offers a fully managed solution, it is more costly and less flexible than custom dedicated hosting.

So if you do not require management services, you can receive significant savings by choosing an unmanaged custom dedicated server. A recently published Certified Hosting article, Custom Dedicated Web Hosting Offers Customers More Flexibility, Ultimate Control, and Significant Cost Savings, explains the differences between the two solutions as well as explores features and benefits of custom dedicated hosting. If you require the most affordable and flexible dedicated hosting – custom dedicated hosting service is exactly what you need.

Custom dedicated web hosting allows you to streamline your hosting services

When opting for dedicated server hosting, you want to get the most flexible, reliable, and cost efficient solution. Of all available dedicated hosting solutions, custom dedicated server hosting offers the most flexibility and cost-effectiveness. With custom dedicated web hosting, you are essentially custom building your own server from the ground up, choosing the hardware and software components that you require. This way, you pay for the hardware itself without the need to pay for specific options and management services offered with fully and semi-managed dedicated hosting solutions.

Certified Hosting offers an assortment of custom dedicated server hosting solutions for companies of any size and with different needs for their IT infrastructure. By using custom dedicated hosting services from Certified Hosting, customers get a number of benefits including the following:

  • Full server monitoring, reporting, and proactive support.
  • Full root access to your server.
  • Bandwidth usage graphs and statistics.
  • Wide choice of operating systems and control panels.
  • Data backup (for a small additional fee).
  • 100Mbps port uplink speed (can be upgraded to 1Gbps for a fee).
  • 10TB bandwidth (upgradable to 100TB for a fee).
  • Easily upgrade your dedicated server at any time.
  • Fully guaranteed dedicated server hardware.

Custom dedicated hosting from Certified Hosting offers businesses unparalleled flexibility and scalability allowing them to easily build any server configuration from an entry-level server to a cluster of powerful multi-CPU, multi-core servers and tailor it to their exact requirements.

Many businesses do not require server management services because they have in-house IT specialists who manage their internal IT infrastructure. With custom dedicated hosting they can streamline their hosting experience by removing certain management services as well as many software options, which ultimately reduce costs. However, should they ever require management services, Certified Hosting offers reasonably priced optional basic and full managed services with all custom dedicated hosting plans.

Certified Hosting offers a range of reliable and affordable custom dedicated hosting solutions for demanding customers

Certified Hosting offers powerful custom dedicated hosting services designed for businesses and private users who need absolute control of their hosting account and have the necessary expertise and resources to self-administer their custom dedicated server. Certified Hosting provides an assortment of basic server configurations you can further customize to build a server to your exact requirements.

Only premium hardware is used in all Certified Hosting custom dedicated server configurations. You also get a wide choice of operating systems that can be preinstalled on your server as well as several control panel options to choose from. After Certified Hosting builds your custom dedicated server based on the options you select, you will be granted full root level access to it.

Although you will be the one responsible for managing and administering your custom dedicated server, you still get access to Certified Hosting’s help desk and 24/7 online expert technical support so you always get assistance whenever you need it. In terms of reliability, Certified Hosting has a proven uptime record of 99.9%, so your custom dedicated server will be hosted in one of the most reliable and stable hosting environments available in the hosting industry.

Certified Hosting expert technicians will also provide 24/7 network monitoring and quickly respond to any issues that may arise with your server and quickly replace any failing hardware to minimize the downtime. Join the Certified Hosting family today and enjoy the most reliable, flexible, and affordable custom dedicated hosting service available.

To learn more about the highly affordable and reliable custom dedicated hosting from Certified Hosting, visit or call a Certified Hosting representative today at 1-800-547-9995 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-909-498-4415 (worldwide).