Get Your Video Sharing Website On The Internet With Phpmotion Hosting

By CertifiedHosting 05/20/2011


Every day more and more full featured multimedia websites are going online that are powered by PHPmotion. PHPmotion is a free video sharing software application that makes it easy for anyone to start their own video sharing websites. If you’re looking to share your photos, video and audio files online with your friends and people who share your interests, PHPmotion will enable you to set up a website to do so. With video and mp3 audio support and image gallery viewer built in, PHPmotion has a lot to offer in terms of features and functionality. You can use PHPmotion to create, share, and edit your video and audio files and manage all the aspects of your media sharing website.

With PHPmotion you do not need to have a lot of technical knowledge or spend a lot of money to be able to start your own YouTube-like website. All you need is a PHPmotion hosting account with the PHPmotion video script installed. PHPmotion is free to download and use. And with a reliable PHPmotion web host that provides free PHPmotion installation, you will have a video sharing website up and running in no time.

Features and functionalities you get with PHPmotion hosting services


PHPmotion web hosting is one of the most sought after hosting service on the market today. With time, experience, and a lot of development behind it, PHPmotion hosting is a powerful and secure solution for hosting your video sharing website. Using PHPmotion hosting gives you unparalleled power to create and run media sharing websites that will attract visitors and generate high volumes of targeted traffic. By choosing a PHPmotion web hosting service you will have access to many features and functionalities available with PHPmotion.

Below are some of the features you get with PHPmotion hosting:

  • With PHPmotion you can easily upload, manage, and edit audio and video files.
  • You can view the upload process as it happens.
  • PHPmotion comes with support for many video formats such as mpg, avi, divx, and more.
  • PHPmotion hosting provides a fully featured administrator area to manage the look and feel of your website.
  • PHPmotion has a fully CSS based template for easy editing.
  • PHPmotion allows you to create and manage groups and member profiles.
  • PHPmotion comes with built-in blogging tools.
  • PHPmotion supports internal email messaging.
  • And more.

The PHPmotion feature list is impressive and constantly growing. There is a thriving PHPmotion developer community working on new plugins, add-ons, templates, and themes, adding more flexibility and functionality to the script. With a variety of features and add-ons, strong community support, and a reliable PHPmotion hosting solution, you will have everything you need to set up your very own video sharing website, just like YouTube.


Get your video sharing website online with Certified Hosting’s PHPmotion hosting services


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