Getting Started With A Dedicated Server Hosting Service

By CertifiedHosting 11/09/2012

When you order a dedicated server hosting plan, you are responsible for managing your server. Most people who require a dedicated server have a great deal of experience with other types of hosting, or represent enterprises with an internal IT team. Even so, extra help and advice can allow you to speed up your server configuration. You are responsible for getting your dedicated server hosting up and running, but that does not mean you need to do it without assistance.

A reputable web hosting provider will support you as you migrate your data, install relevant applications, and alter your domain name settings. However, if you have chosen a dedicated server, you will probably want to take a hands-on approach. You do not want your hosting provider to do everything for you; you simply want an idea of what needs to be done.

Of course, some webmasters are not interested in the control that comes with a dedicated server – they have chosen dedicated server hosting for the sake of power and reliability. But even if you would rather let your hosting provider configure your server for you, it is useful to know which things your hosting provider should be doing on your behalf.

In a newly published article, What Should You Do First with Your Dedicated Server Hosting Plan?, professional dedicated server hosting provider Certified Hosting gives you an overview of the most essential tasks for any new dedicated server. By reading the article, you will learn the necessary steps to take your server from empty hardware to an automated, easy-to-use machine that can support your visitors. In addition, you will learn how managed services can give you even more support, reducing your workload and allowing you to concentrate on running your website.

Learn which dedicated server software is most important

Although hardware is the foundation of a dedicated server hosting plan, it is ultimately software that makes your server functional. Processing data requires an operating system (OS) to manage hardware resources. Connecting to your visitors over the Internet requires reliable web server software. Controlling access to your data and maintaining good security requires a robust firewall application. So what is the most crucial software you should install as soon as your dedicated server plan is accessible?

In the new article from Certified Hosting, you will learn more about the software you need to run your dedicated server. You will learn how to choose an operating system that will support your goals and the type of additional software you plan to install. You will also learn how to protect your server against malicious attack with a firewall that reduces your exposure to Internet criminals. Once you have these basic applications up and running, you should also choose a web hosting control panel that makes routine administrative tasks quick and easy. The new article will tell you how.

In addition to a checklist for getting started with your dedicated server hosting plan, the new article also explores the differences among unmanaged, semi-managed, and managed dedicated servers. After reading the article, you will not only know what you can do with your new dedicated server, but you will also know how to get assistance from your web hosting provider.

Order a dedicated server hosting plan from Certified Hosting

At Certified Hosting, you can find a wide variety of dedicated server hosting plans that let you take as much or as little responsibility as you want.

Customers can choose an unmanaged dedicated server hosting plan, taking full control of their hosting service with the added support of Certified Hosting’s team, which is available at a low hourly administrative rate. Alternatively, Certified Hosting offers semi-managed and fully managed dedicated server hosting plans with generous hardware resources and extra technical help available 24/7/365.

Each plan is covered by Certified Hosting’s 100% network uptime guarantee, ensuring that your hardware will always be online and available to you and your visitors.

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