Hassle-Free Wordpress Mu Hosting For Your Website

By CertifiedHosting 12/30/2010

Blogs are probably one of the greatest and fastest ways to convey your thoughts to the world today. Over the past few years, blogs have also grown to become important tools in many areas including business and entertainment. Today, popular blogs generate a massive amount of Internet traffic daily and require lots of resources to keep them up and running. There are many blog services where you can host your blog - from remotely-hosted Blogger and LiveJournal to personal publishing platforms like WordPress MU.

WordPress MU is one of the most popular blog platforms today because it offers what others lack – control and high customizability. WordPress MU also allows you to create and manage an unlimited number of blogs with unlimited authors. With WordPress MU, you can even create your own blog network that will let your visitors create their own WordPress blogs without any interaction on your part. Unlike remote blog hosts, WordPress MU should be hosted on your own server, so choosing a reliable and hassle-free WordPress MU hosting is a key to your blog hosting success.

What it takes to run WordPress MU hosting

If you plan on running a full-scale blog network, WordPress MU is the answer. However, you definitely need skills to be able to successfully run, maintain, and support your WordPress MU installation. You don’t have to be an expert, but you certainly need to know what you are doing so you know how to help users who will be using your service.

Moreover, WordPress MU is not the kind of software to be run on shared hosting with more than a handful of users. If you plan on having hundreds or thousands of users, you will have to consider getting a dedicated server or even several for your service to run successfully. So if you have the time and skills to run WordPress MU, it’s time to choose a suitable hosting solution.

Choosing the right WordPress MU hosting solution

There are many web hosts out there that meet the WordPress minimum requirements. Many of them offer tools like Fantastico to automatically install WordPress for you, but only a few of them offer special WordPress MU hosting solutions. WordPress MU web hosting is a special type of hosting that can be tricky. Unlike running one or several websites on your server, WordPress MU can be used to build a blog network, which literally means you will need to host tens to hundreds or maybe thousands of blogs simultaneously. Of course, you will need the resources to keep them all up and running so make sure you choose the right WordPress MU hosting solution from a reliable web hosting provider that lives up to what they promise.

With Certified Hosting’s exclusive WordPress MU hosting package, you can host unlimited WordPress MU websites with no disk space or bandwidth limits so you have plenty of resources available to use as you need. The Certified Hosting WordPress MU hosting package also comes with a full set of WordPress tools to build your own website in just a few clicks. Factor in our guaranteed 99.999% uptime and your blogs will experience major uptime. And finally, Certified Hosting gives you one month of free hosting so you can see for yourself if we live up to what we promise.

To learn more about starting your own blog network with WordPress MU, visit Certified Hosting today or view our exclusive WordPress MU web hosting packages and see which one fits your needs best.