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By CertifiedHosting 12/06/2011

Static pages are a thing of the past, a time when the Web was far less dynamic and engaging. Today, users expect interactivity from every online presence and typically stay away from websites that do not offer visitors the opportunity to participate. Thankfully, modern web technologies make it fairly easy to add interactive elements to a website, including comments, user accounts, and custom settings.

Dynamic web presences would not be possible without a way to store data and seamlessly deliver it to users. For most websites, this requires a database. The concept of database may intimidate novice users, so Certified Hosting has prepared a quick primer that covers the basics of MySQL, the most popular database management system. The What Is MySQL and the Important Things You Should Know About MySQL article is a must read if you want to start working with MySQL databases or if you just need to get back up to speed with MySQL hosting.

MySQL Essentials

In What Is MySQL and the Important Things You Should Know About MySQL, Certified Hosting shows why it’s important to know the basics of MySQL, even if you’re not a technical person.

No matter if you’re using a third party application such as WordPress or Joomla or have your own custom website, eventually you will be forced to get acquainted with MySQL or some other SQL implementation. Errors related to databases are quite frequent, from duplicate entries in a user table, to faulty encoding that causes text to be displayed incorrectly.

And even if you don’t encounter problems with your MySQL host, from time to time, you may be forced to have a look inside your database. For example, a common scenario that requires direct database investigation is debugging a web application that doesn’t display information correctly. A quick check inside the database can help you determine where the problem originates.

Because MySQL doesn’t offer a graphical interface by default, you will need a third party visual interface such as phpMyAdmin to facilitate working with the database. Before opting for a MySQL web hosting plan, make sure to check what tools are made available to you by the hosting provider.

Check out Certified Hosting’s article to learn more about MySQL and how to select a good host for your MySQL-based application.

Get a full MySQL package with any Certified Hosting plan

Certified Hosting provides full support for MySQL, so you can be sure that whatever you plan to do with your database, you have all the tools at hand. Unlike other MySQL hosting providers, we provide unlimited MySQL databases so you can install as many web applications as you wish, without having to worry about space limitations. Certified Hosting offers a wide range of MySQL-ready shared hosting plans, VPS hosts, and dedicated servers, at the most competitive prices.

All Certified Hosting plans come with phpMyAdmin installed by default and available with just a few clicks from the intuitive cPanel interface. With phpMyAdmin and MySQL, it’s easy to create tables, update entries, or retrieve information directly from a table, without having to memorize any cumbersome commands.

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