How To Tell If Your Business Is Ready For A Dedicated Server

By CertifiedHosting 09/15/2010

As your business grows, your website and web applications will experience more traffic and more online activity. If you are still on a shared hosting plan, your website or web application may slow down or even be shut off due to high volume. Shared hosting does not have the performance and security you need for a growing business. The next step in obtaining the right hosting services for your business is to move to a semi-dedicated server hosting or a dedicated server hosting plan.

A dedicated server is a single server used completely for one person or business. With dedicated server hosting, you get 100% of the resources and control. The price difference from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting is a significant investment so the move to a dedicated server is not made lightly. A good compromise, if you do not need an entire dedicated server, is to move to a semi-dedicated server.

Certified Hosting offers dedicated hosting for your growing business

If the performance and security of shared hosting inhibits your business website and web applications from operating successfully, you may be ready for the next step – upgrading to a dedicated server. Factors that may help you determine if dedicated server hosting is for you include the complexity of your business, your current and potential traffic, and disk space requirements.

Larger business websites with over 10,000 visits per day or websites with resource-intensive web features such as ecommerce hosting, should consider dedicated server hosting in order to increase performance. If your website handles extremely sensitive data and needs additional security, a dedicated server will provide more protection, especially compared to shared web hosting.

Choosing unlimited dedicated server hosting options

Certified Hosting offers you semi-dedicated servers and fully managed dedicated servers. Semi-dedicated hosting gives you a large portion of the server’s resources, whereas dedicated server hosting gives you 100% of the server’s resources. The number of accounts on semi-dedicated servers is limited as you share resources with other semi-dedicated server hosting customers, but you get more resources than a shared web hosting account. With a fully managed dedicated server hosting account, Certified Hosting takes care of everything for you. Installing scripts and ongoing support are all included with unlimited managed dedicated server hosting from Certified Hosting.

When you purchase semi-dedicated server hosting or dedicated server hosting from Certified Hosting, your servers are hosted in a secure data center with high quality bandwidth. Watch website speeds and server traffic improve significantly with your server in our Phoenix or Atlanta data centers.

Contact a service representative today at 1-800-547-9995 to learn more about improving your website's performance and security with unlimited managed dedicated server hosting and semi-dedicated server hosting from Certified Hosting.