Increase Website Reliability And Performance With Semi-Dedicated Hosting

By CertifiedHosting 11/18/2010

Websites are used in numerous ways by all types of individuals and businesses. Perhaps the most common functions of a website are to generate interest around a certain topic and produce leads or sales for a business. As a website grows in popularity you may want to add elements to your website to encourage further interest and interaction between website users such as a blog, forum or online videos.

Increased user activity results in more leads and sales of your products and services. At the same time, the more active web visitors on your website who are downloading documents, streaming podcasts or videos, and participating in forums, the more your website may suffer in terms of performance. You can solve that problem easily by getting your own semi-dedicated server hosting account and experience great performance for your popular website.

More server resources means a faster website

Semi dedicated hosting is similar to shared hosting in that different hosting accounts share the resources of the same server. Semi-dedicated server hosting is similar to dedicated hosting in that although resources are shared, the number of accounts on any one server is extremely limited, usually from 4-8 accounts per server.

The significantly greater allocation of disk space and bandwidth makes a difference for you as a website owner and for your website visitors. With more server resources, you can add features to your website without sacrificing any of the performance your web visitors expect. Utilize the server resources at your disposal to add media and interactive pages that generate more user interest. Your website visitors will notice the faster speeds for loading, downloading and streaming, and will most likely spend more time on your website.

Root access and semi-managed servers for unlimited control

Root access enables you to take control of your website hosting at the server level. Root access lets you retrieve and modify your system files and customize programs and applications for increased performance. Add more complex scripts and software to your website with semi dedicated server hosting to make your website reflect the individualized needs of your business and your audience.

Along with root access for more control over your semi-dedicated hosting, Certified Hosting also includes semi-managed dedicated server hosting. Semi managed dedicated server hosting means Certified Hosting network and server experts are available to take care of server management tasks you may not have the time or the expertise to perform yourself.

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