Interview With Certified Hosting’S Ceo On Reseller Hosting

By CertifiedHosting 10/18/2010

Recently we published several posts and articles on reseller hosting so I thought now would be a great time to interview our CEO and hosting expert of Certified Hosting, Kacy Carlsen. Kacy’s busy everyday answering helpdesk tickets, making sure servers are running properly, and developing web hosting plans designed to help our customers succeed with their online presence. Some of you may have read our blog post on Reseller Hosting for All types of Websites or All the Features You Need for a Profitable Web Hosting Reseller Business. If you have ever considered starting your own business or adding web hosting services to your existing services, take a few minutes and read the two blog posts.

Certified Hosting offers several different reseller hosting plans, each with support for unlimited accounts and unlimited domains. But did you know we offer a reseller hosting plan designed for customers who want to maximize their web hosting reseller experience? It’s called “Power Reseller Server” and comes standard with 10TB managed bandwidth, cPanel/WHM, a free Client Exec billing software license, an eNom reseller account, and 250GB of disk space. As the resident writer, I had to learn more about how Kacy created our reseller hosting plans so I set out to ask several very important questions. After speaking with Kacy for a few minutes, I quickly learned why Certified Hosting’s reseller hosting plans are great for web hosting resellers and I learned what makes Certified Hosting the best web hosting reseller program available today.

And now, the interview with Kacy Carlsen, CEO of Certified Hosting

CertifiedGuru: Which reseller hosting plan do most customers start with and/or what is the most popular reseller hosting plan?

Kacy: Most clients start out with the Reseller1 to get a feel for how reseller hosting actually works. Starting at $19.95, Certified Hosting offers affordable reseller web hosting. Customers get 30GB of disk space, 300GB of bandwidth, and of course, support for unlimited accounts and domains. And each reseller hosting plan comes with cPanel/WHM, Site Builder for building websites, free web templates, 99.999% uptime guarantee ,and 24x7 support from expert Certified Hosting reseller hosting technicians.

CertifiedGuru: What happens if a customer outgrows Reseller 1, 2, or 3?

Kacy: Clients can always seamlessly upgrade their plan at any time. We make it extremely easy to upgrade to Reseller 2, then Reseller 3 with no downtime. Our flexible reseller hosting plans are designed to make it easy for our customers to upgrade quickly. And our experienced resellers will go directly for our Power Reseller Server.

CertifiedGuru: If a customer outgrows Reseller 3, should they move to the Power Reseller Server, add more options to their account, or what do you recommend?

Kacy: If a client outgrows Reseller 3, we would definitely recommend they upgrade to the Power Reseller Server. At that point, it is clear they have the ability to sell web hosting and keep their clients happy. They are ready to move forward and start taking their hosting business to the next level. And best of all, we make the upgrade to the Power Reseller Server seamless with no downtime like we do with all our web hosting reseller plans.

CertifiedGuru: What are the differences between Certified Hosting’s reseller hosting and competing companies that provide reseller hosting?

Kacy: Where Certified Hosting reseller web hosting differs from competing virtual reseller hosting companies is with our personalized service and education. We work directly with our resellers to show them how to effectively resell. We share our 11 years of web hosting experience in the hosting industry with them. We want to help our resellers grow. Our goal is to guide them along the process and assist them in overcoming any obstacles. Based on years of experience helping our web hosting resellers, we know how to give them the tools they need to be successful with their reseller hosting business. In fact, we see our reseller hosting customers outgrow their current plans and upgrade to the next plan, with many quickly outgrowing our Reseller 3 plan and upgrading to our Power Reseller Server.

CertifiedGuru: Ah yes, the Power Reseller Server. It’s becoming very popular with our resellers. Can you tell me more about the Power Reseller Server?

Kacy: The Power Reseller Server is a completely managed dedicated server with 10TB bandwidth. Our resellers have full server access and can offer an endless array of options to their clients. The best part is that the server is managed. That means that as a web hosting reseller, you can set up an entire hosting business and will not need a server administration team. We are their server administration team! This can be very profitable for the web hosting reseller as the server cost is low and they have a built-in support staff.

Getting started as a web hosting reseller at Certified Hosting

So whether you are just starting out as a web hosting reseller or you have experience selling web hosting to clients, Certified Hosting makes it easy for you to get started. Head on over to the Certified Hosting Reseller Hosting page and take a look at the Reseller 1, 2, 3, and Power Reseller Server plans. We have provided all the information you need to know about each plan including what comes with each plan, and we have made it easy for you to order your reseller hosting plan.

Until next time, this is CertifiedGuru, Certified Hosting’s resident writer and web hosting guru. If you have any specific questions you would like me to ask Kacy on a future interview, please contact me directly at