Keep In The Loop

By CertifiedHosting 03/12/2009

Here at Certified Hosting, we're always ready to assist when there's a problem. But as a website owner, you like to know what's going on with your site. That's where alerts come into play.

With services such as Alertra, you can be instantly notified if your website has gone down, whether it's due to network issues, or a script error that's knocked your site offline. Either way, you'll know about it right away, and because of that, you'll be able to take action right away.

If it's something you're unable to resolve, we of course stand ready to assist. Most of the time, if it's a network issue, we'll already be fixing the issue, and likely will have already fixed the issue by the time you contact us.

Regardless, it's your website, and you have every right to know what's going on with it. With services like Alertra, you can know if any part of your website is down, whether it be the website itself, e-mail, or if it doesn't respond to pings. By using services such as this, a small problem can be identified and resolved before it becomes a larger problem.