Learn How To Harness The Power Of Online Communities With The Vbulletin Hosting Solutions From Certified Hosting

By CertifiedHosting 10/11/2011

Starting an online forum is one of the most effective ways to tap into the power of social interaction. Online communities offer multiple benefits to the websites that host them. On a forum, your visitors interact and discuss the topics that you promote on your website or your products or services. The discussions create unique content for your website, which helps you draw even more visitors and rank higher in search engine result pages. Most importantly, forums provide a great way to turn occasional visitors into loyal returning visitors.

While it is not always simple to start a forum, it is much easier to build momentum if your discussion board is appealing to your audience. The times when users were satisfied with basic forum functionality are gone. Today’s discerning Internet users demand sophisticated experiences that integrate forums with other forms of content publishing, such as blogs and social networks.

In a recently published article, Build a Vibrant Community with vBulletin, the Most Powerful Forum Software, Certified Hosting explains how you can create modern, integrated discussion boards using vBulletin. If you are interested in starting your own forum, the article provides important information about the features that make vBulletin stand out from other forum software. In addition, you will learn how to find a good vBulletin hosting solution with minimal investment.

vBulletin is the best solution for creating an attractive forum

Check out the article to see some of the features that set vBulletin apart from competitors such as phpBB or Vanilla. By opting for a vBulletin host for your forum, you get access to more than a forum platform. The latest version of vBulletin includes a content management system, a blogging tool, and widget-ready modules that you can use to easily personalize your forum.

Unlike open source alternatives, vBulletin does not require extensive customization through plug-ins because the platform includes a huge array of functions in the base package. The built-in functions make it easy to take your forum in any direction you like, with minimal hassle. Additionally, your vBulletin host will be protected against malicious code, backdoors, and security vulnerabilities.

Security should always be on your mind, especially if you run a high-profile vBulletin website. vBulletin Solutions, the company that develops vBulletin, treats security issues with top priority. Typically, vulnerabilities are fixed and patches are released within 24 hours from the moment a problem is found in vBulletin, ensuring that your vBulletin web hosting solution is secure.

Things to look for when selecting a vBulletin hosting services provider

If you are interested in starting a forum with vBulletin, or if you already have a vBulletin website running, there are a few things that you should look for when choosing a new provider.

As the article from Certified Hosting outlines, from a technical perspective, you should opt for a provider that offers the latest versions of PHP and MySQL. Although vBulletin only requires PHP and MySQL, it’s a good idea to check that the vBulletin hosting provider also offers support for advanced functions such as cURL, OpenSSL, an OpCode Cache, and a rewrite engine.

Another important aspect that you should take into account is the quality of the support provided by the vBulletin web host. Competent technical support can prove crucial to your success, especially if you have a complex or large vBulletin installation with significant resource consumption.

Certified Hosting offers free vBulletin installation services to help you get started

No matter if you are just beginning vBulletin hosting or you have an established vBulletin website, Certified Hosting will help you find a home for your forum. With an affordable web hosting plan from Certified Hosting, you get unlimited resources and you can host unlimited vBulletin websites. It’s easy to start a forum about your products or services or an enthusiastic community centered around the things you love.

To help you get started, Certified Hosting offers free vBulletin installation services, free vBulletin upgrade services, and free vBulletin installation. You can even transfer your forum with zero effort and investment on your side, thanks to the free vBulletin transfer offered by Certified Hosting.

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