Learn The Basics Of Your Drupal Hosting Plan

By CertifiedHosting 01/16/2013


There is no denying it: Drupal has a much steeper learning curve than most content management systems (CMS). While most solutions guide you step-by-step through the process of creating an attractive website full of rich content, understanding the core concepts of Drupal requires a little more reading and research.

However, once you gain an understanding of how Drupal works, you will definitely be impressed by what it can do. As a content management framework (CMF) that can be customized and configured in precise detail, Drupal hosting can support even your most complex and ambitious web experiences.

To help you familiarize yourself with the essentials of Drupal, professional Drupal web hosting provider Certified Hosting has just published a new article, Getting Started with a Drupal Hosting Plan. In the article, Certified Hosting summarizes the major ideas behind Drupal, including nodes and different content types. You will learn enough to create your very first Drupal website across design, content, and structure. Read the article now to learn the unique vocabulary of Drupal and to begin unlocking the potential of your Drupal hosting service.

A beginner’s guide to Drupal

Part of Drupal’s apparent complexity is its unique terms and phrases. Even when you discover the excellent guides and knowledgebase articles on the official Drupal website (www.drupal.org), you might feel like they have been written in a foreign language. We all know what a Theme is and can guess what a Module will do. But what is a data node? What are data stores? How do these theoretical terms actually fit into creating a great website?

In the new Drupal hosting article from Certified Hosting, you can learn the most essential concepts of Drupal. The most important of these is the data node, where your content is stored. By reading the article, you will discover what data nodes are and how they enable you to handle your content in a range of dynamic ways. You will also learn more about how Drupal manages your content and your design separately, giving you more flexibility to edit and change your content or overhaul the graphical look of your website.

In addition, Certified Hosting’s new article gives you a practical and informative guide to the three fundamental phases of building your Drupal website. You will learn about working with layouts and themes, including theme customization and where to find new designs. The article also explains how to add content to your installation, including the difference between Drupal’s two default content types. Finally, the new article provides an introduction to Drupal Structure, including links to useful resources for further reading.

Many webmasters and developers are put off when they discover that Drupal requires some additional learning. However, for those willing to learn some simple core ideas, Drupal is possibly the most flexible content management system in the industry.

Get unlimited Drupal hosting from Certified Hosting

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