Let A Certified Nerd Keep A Watchful Eye On Your Dedicated Server

By CertifiedHosting 11/22/2011

Dedicated servers provide unparalleled levels of performance, flexibility, and security for any type of web site or web application. A dedicated machine gives you control over abundant physical resources, from the impressive computing power of a multi-core enterprise-grade processor, to vast amounts of RAM and storage space. But it’s up to you to configure and administer the resources provided by your dedicated web host. If you are unable to properly configure the machine, from choosing the operating system to tweaking the most obscure settings, your investment in a dedicated hosting plan may prove useless.

This is where the team of geeks and dorks at Certified Hosting steps in. Why bother with tedious administration tasks that consume your precious time and energy? You can let Certified Hosting manage your server, and most importantly, monitor the managed dedicated server at all times.

In a recently published article called Three Reasons Server Monitoring Should Be Your Top Priority, Certified Hosting outlines the three main reasons you should opt for a managed dedicated server hosting solution that includes non-stop server monitoring. If you’re undecided about signing up for Certified Hosting’s fully managed dedicated server hosting solutions, the article can help you weigh the advantages of server monitoring against the costs of the service.

Save money and time with Certified Hosting’s managed dedicated servers

According to the article, the three main reasons that make server monitoring crucial are the superior availability, the increased protection against malware and hackers, and the savings generated by using the managed dedicated service.

Even on their own, each of these three reasons can be enough to determine a prospective buyer to sign up for server monitoring. Certified Hosting makes the deal even better by adding full server management and third party script installation for every client that purchases a managed dedicated server hosting plan. For a single fee, customers get a powerful dedicated server and a full package of management services. To put things in perspective, some providers ask hundreds of dollars for the machine alone and then charge other fees for administration services.

Choosing a dedicated managed server hosting from Certified Hosting will save you money in the long term. If you monetize your website in any way – advertising, affiliate linking, ecommerce – downtime equals lost revenue. Worse, it may also mean lost visitors and qualified leads that you practically hand over to your competition. Adding to the direct losses incurred by downtime, inadequate security can have an indirect influence on your finances. For example, restoring pages and information affected by hacking attacks can be costly. And, in the worst case scenario, you might lose unrecoverable data, such as user information or corporate documents.

Certified Hosting’s round the clock server monitoring ensures that a skilled engineer is ready to investigate why downtime occurred and to act right away to solve the problem. Dedicated managed hosting with server monitoring also protects your server against many types of threats, from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to data-stealing trojans. Read Certified Hosting’s article for an in-depth analysis of the other benefits of opting for a managed dedicated server hosting service.

Certified Hosting offers quality managed dedicated hosting

From an affordable entry-level dedicated server that is ideal for hosting small websites to monster machines capable of serving thousands of users per minute, Certified Hosting offers a wide range of dedicated machines. Clients can personalize every aspect of their dedicated server hosting solution, including hardware, operating system, control panel, and management services.

For a reasonable fee, customers can outsource server administration to Certified Hosting’s team of highly experienced IT professionals. Full server management includes server monitoring, which ensures faster response times in case of downtime, as well as enhanced security protection. In the long run, managed dedicated server hosting proves an intelligent investment, from both the technical and the financial perspective.

To learn more about the fully managed dedicated hosting services provided by Certified Hosting or to order an advanced hosting solution, please call 909-498-4415 or visit certifiedhosting.com.