Leverage The Power Of Social Networking And Community Driven Websites With Advanced Dolphin Web Hosting Services

By CertifiedHosting 04/19/2011

Social networking and community driven websites are all the hype today. More businesses and website owners are beginning to realize that social networking features and social communities need to be integrated into their websites in order to interact with current and prospective customers. To be successful these days, websites need to be highly interactive and contain dynamic content that can be added by both website owners and visitors. Today, the most popular interactive websites boast multiple features that allow visitors to easily interact with the website owner and with each other, as a community. There are many scripts that will allow you to add interactivity by creating your own social network or online community within your existing website or as a separate full-time endeavor. But which one do you choose that will help you be successful?

Elgg, Dolphin, SocialEngine, and PHPFox are the best known out-of-the-box social network and community building solutions available today. Out of all the latest and popular social networking and community building software, BoonEx Dolphin offers the most comprehensive and mature network platform with lots of Web 2.0 features such as forums, blogs, groups, video sharing and recording, private chat with video, built-in music player, and whiteboards which create the most advanced social networking experience. And with Dolphin hosting, you will be able to easily create your own social network, online community or dating site. To start building your Dolphin community, you need to get a web hosting plan that meets the requirements for hosting Dolphin and other BoonEx products like Orca and Ray Media Server (RMS). The best option is to get a special Dolphin web hosting service from a reliable provider.

Dolphin offers the most advanced social networking platform that outperforms the competition

BoonEx Dolphin is the most robust open-source software platform for creating a social network, an online community or a dating website. The software comes bundled with various modules, players, chat, messengers, and apps for building a Dolphin website of any design and complexity. Dolphin’s modular structure offers complete flexibility and can easily be adapted to the needs of any community driven website. Dolphin is well known for its easy installation and setup, great extensibility and rich feature set, making it a popular choice with thousands of webmasters worldwide. Dolphin software comes in two versions – one with ads, which is absolutely free, and a paid ad-free version. Getting the ad-free version will allow you to put your own logo on your Dolphin website and use ads as an additional source of income.

Dolphin is built using the latest technologies and outperforms all free and commercial social networking, dating, and community scripts in terms of functionality and public support. A community of dedicated collaborators constantly works on enhancing Dolphin’s functionality by adding new extensions and plug-ins. The community also shares options, tests beta versions, and offers great support to fellow Dolphin users so you can always find assistance whenever you need it. If you plan on using a forum on your community website, you will need to install another product by BoonEx called Orca and if you require video functionality enabled in chat or instant messenger, you will need RMS. For this, you will either need to install your own RMS on a virtual private server or a dedicated server or get a standalone RMS if you are using a shared hosting account.

Powerful web hosting services from Certified Hosting are 100% compatible with Dolphin and other BoonEx products

Choosing the right hosting solution is essential for using BoonEx software products successfully. Since Dolphin software integrates multiple scripts and applications, it is very important to make sure that your hosting plan meets all the system requirements to operate BoonEx software products. Certified Hosting offers quality hosting plans that are 100% compatible with all BoonEx products including Dolphin, Orca, and RMS. Certified Hosting provides a hassle free hosting environment for your Dolphin website, complete with unlimited disk space and bandwidth to accommodate any number of users. Not only that, Certified Hosting goes a step further than the competition by allowing you to host unlimited Dolphin communities.

As your community grows, your server resource usage grows too. With other web hosts, resource spikes usually lead to account suspension. For a small fee, Certified Hosting offers you Certified Protection, which guarantees that your account will never get suspended! All Certified Hosting Dolphin web hosting solutions feature a 1-click installer that will automatically install Dolphin, Ray, and Orca from within your control panel. Certified Hosting servers are built using only top of the line hardware and come preloaded with the latest software to provide high-quality performance for Dolphin-based websites. All servers have been properly configured and optimized to meet BoonEx requirements and are capable to accommodate any Dolphin website regardless of its size, resource usage or extensions used. Certified Hosting also provides 24/7 professional assistance which includes support and troubleshooting for Dolphin and your hosting account.

Grow your community with us! Certified Hosting is the perfect choice for hosting your Dolphin community.

To learn more about unlimited Dolphin hosting service from Certified Hosting, visit http://certifiedhosting.com/dolphin-hosting/ or call a Certified Hosting representative today at 1-800-547-9995 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-909-498-4415 (worldwide).