Looking For A Website That You Can Run On A Shoestring Budget? Try A Free Cms

By CertifiedHosting 12/27/2011

Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars per year on web hosting. Some of our customers are just blogging about their kids or about their neighborhood. Others have small businesses that depend on our services. So, at Certified Hosting, we do everything we can to ensure that you not only get great hosting services, but that you also get them at reasonable prices.

However, the price of web hosting isn’t the only cost of running a website. If you have a custom-built website, you may have to pay someone to maintain it and to update its content regularly. Unfortunately (unless you’re a web developer), this kind of service is not cheap.

But there is an alternative, one that is affordable and doesn’t require you to mess with code and risk ruining your website – a free content management system (CMS). If your first reaction when reading the last phrase was “A free what?” you may want to read our most recent article, published in our resource center. Titled Five Free Content Management Systems to Kick Your Site into High-Gear, the article explains the concept of CMS and presents the top-five free CMSs that we highly recommend to our CMS hosting customers.

What are your best options when it comes to free CMS hosting?

The five solutions we present you in our latest article are some of the best free content management systems. Actually, they are some of the best CMSs, period. Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, MODx, and CMS Made Simple are used on millions of websites, some of which are among the top-100 most popular online destinations. All of these CMSs are completely free and open source, but in terms of features and quality, they are on par with much more expensive solutions.

With our CMS web hosting services and one of the products described in Five Free Content Management Systems to Kick Your Site into High-Gear, you can have a beautiful website that is affordable to build and even more affordable to run. In fact, with a CMS web host, you can update your site without having to know HMTL and other tech lingo. Even better, CMSs are virtually foolproof, so you would have to try pretty hard to mess something up.

Learn which free CMS is the best for you

Each of the five free CMSs discussed in our latest article is a great, feature-rich application. But some of them are better suited for a specific purpose. For instance, Joomla is well-known for its media hosting capabilities – Joomla has over 100 plug-ins for video streaming alone. So, if you want to create the next YouTube, all you need to do is get a good CMS web hosting plan from Certified Hosting and start working on your Joomla-powered media portal.

Drupal is great at separating users by groups and assigning rights based on these groups. CMS Made Simple, not surprisingly, is designed to be super-easy to use even by the most non-technical users. Each of the free CMSs has its strengths, but no matter which one you choose, it’s still important to opt for a quality CMS web hosting plan that can support your growth in the long term.

Free CMS services from Certified Hosting

With our CMS web hosting services, we put our money where our mouth is. In other words, we will help you get started with your CMS web host for free. No matter if you choose WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MODx, or CMSMS, we provide you free installation services, free transfer if you’re moving from another host, free templates, and other complimentary services.

With the CMS hosting services from Certified Hosting, it’s easier than ever to start your own website or to revamp your long-neglected page. We have the infrastructure, the personnel, and the experience it takes to help out each and every CMS hosting customer, starting from the beginning. We can even advise you as to which CMS is best for you and which CMS web hosting plan you should purchase. And when your site takes off, we will make sure it works optimally so you can enjoy your success.

Find out more about the free CMS hosting services we provide, or order your own CMS hosting solution today by visiting certifiedhosting.com or calling 909-498-4415.