Our Favorite Resources For Improving Your Joomla Hosting Plan

By CertifiedHosting 09/28/2012

Finding the right content management system (CMS) for your website is the first step to creating the type of content visitors love to see. Joomla hosting provides the platform you need to first publish your content, and then keep it organized and structured over time. However, installing Joomla on your web hosting plan is just the beginning.

As with any CMS, getting the most out of Joomla requires taking advantage of the customization options available to you. Using components, modules, and plugins, it is possible to extend the main functionality of a Joomla hosting plan to meet your goals. And with the availability of free and premium Joomla templates, you can also make sure that your website looks great!

In fact, Joomla is so flexible and customizable that it can be difficult to know where to begin. To help, we have put together an overview of our favorite resources for extending and improving your Joomla hosting plan. Read on to learn what you can get and, most importantly, where you can get it.

Extend your Joomla hosting plan at the official Joomla website

The first place we recommend to any webmaster using Joomla is the official Joomla website (www.joomla.org). In addition to providing useful information on what Joomla can do for you, the site also features a large collection of extensions. These extensions include the following:

  • Components – Like mini-applications, components can be installed onto your Joomla web hosting plan to offer new functionality.
  • Modules – Modules allow you to add new sections to your layout that can be linked with the functionality of components. These might include login forms, shopping carts, and more.
  • Plugins – Plugins are scripts that are triggered when something happens on your website, such as when someone clicks a button or link.

The official Joomla extensions database contains a wide variety of components, modules, and plugins organized by category, popularity, and rating. One popular component is Kunena, which allows you to launch a forum on your Joomla installation to spark conversation among your visitors. You can also install smaller add-ons that are mostly invisible, but great for search engine optimization (SEO). We also recommend a good XML sitemap add-on.

Make your website look great with Joomla templates

Sometimes referred to as themes, Joomla templates can be easily uploaded to your installation to give your website a new look. Whether you run a blog, a storefront, or a magazine, there are thousands of Joomla templates. There is sure to be one that does exactly what you need to build a powerful website.

Many of these templates are available free of charge. For free Joomla templates, one of our favorite sites is Joomla24 (www.joomla24.com). Joomla24 brings together all types of templates, and allows you to view a live preview of any template to see how it might look on your website.

You can also buy premium Joomla templates, many of which have a more professional appearance and come complete with additional support. To get started with finding a premium template, check out Shape5 (www.shape5.com). The site features more than 70 Joomla templates, and they all look incredible!

Build a Joomla template for your website

Tens of thousands of Joomla templates are currently available online, but sometimes, none of them seems to work properly. There is nothing worse than searching through thousands of templates without finding the right one.

If you are looking for something more customizable, why not build your own Joomla template? Use the JoomlaTemplateBuilder (www.joomlatemplatebuilder.com) to define every aspect of your template, from color schemes, to layout, to typography.

Get Joomla hosting services from Certified Hosting

Joomla is a popular CMS because it can be shaped into the website you need. Even the most advanced functions are made possible by the Joomla extensions available online. And Certified Hosting offers Joomla hosting services designed to be as flexible as Joomla itself.

Customers can install Joomla on any Certified Hosting service using the free Softaculous script installer. For shared web hosting, Certified Hosting currently provides unlimited plans, with unlimited domains, disk space, bandwidth, and MySQL databases.

By choosing an unlimited Joomla hosting plan, you can grow and extend your Joomla installation with complete confidence.

To learn more about Joomla hosting services from Certified Hosting, call 909-498-4415 or visit certifiedhosting.com now.