18 Jan

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

Let’s face it, if you own a business, chances are that all your customers are on Facebook. It is also likely that a majority of your competitors have a Facebook Business Page. If you are not engaging your customers on Facebook, your competitors may be!

Engaging your customers is only one of the many benefits of an active Facebook Business Page. As time consuming as it may already be for you to manage your business, you can’t ignore its benefits. Here are the top 7 reasons why your business needs a Facebook Page.

1. Brand Exposure: According to a report by Zephoria at the end of December 2015, there are over 1.01 billion daily active users on Facebook. Your presence can be a great tool to expose your brand to new users. The end result of this brand exposure depends on your content strategy.

2. Brand Loyalty: Facebook is a great platform for building brand loyalty. Users are more likely to do business with a company that has an active and responsive presence. Highly successful business Pages post useful information and entertaining content. Doing this on a regular basis helps them keep their followers coming back for more.

3. Leads: Facebook can also be turned into a tool to gather leads like email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Competitions with giveaways are the best method to collect lead generating information from your followers. Once collected, these leads are independent of your Page on Facebook. You’ll have access to these leads even if Facebook were to shut down!

4. Target your customers: Customize the content for your target audience. As a business, you may already have insights into who your customers are and what they might be looking for on Facebook. Use this knowledge to create a customized content and catch their eye. You can also use Facebook Ads. They are highly successful tools to reach your target audience.

5. Facebook Insights: Your Facebook Posts and your Facebook Page are free advertisements. Even so, it is good to know how they are performing in terms of engagement, gathering likes and their reach. You get simple and easy to understand stats with Facebook Insights. These stats can also be used to shape your paid promotional campaigns.

6. Drive Traffic: A Facebook Page is the best free tool to drive traffic to your website. By using the right posting strategy, you can use Facebook to open floodgates of traffic to your website. Posts linked to your website include a thumbnail image. Interesting images draw more attention and increase the chances of getting clicked.

7. Track your competitor’s: “Pages to Watch” is an interesting Facebook feature. As a business you can use it to literally spy on the performance of your competitors’ Facebook Pages. You can “Watch” their Pages to see how many likes they have, likes they’ve added in a week and which content strategies are working for them.

In this day and age, we can’t imagine a business without a Facebook Page. Watch this blog for our next post on “Essential Tips for an Engaging Facebook Business Page”.

By the way, make sure you check out and “like” our Facebook page!

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08 Dec

FaceBook Changes Whoas….

More Facebook changes. Can you keep up?

TechWyse a leading Canadian Internet Marketing firm has created this cool updated cheat sheet that every Facebook Admin should take a peek at.  Please share this Infographic with your friends and associates  that manage Facebook pages, they will thank you! read more

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18 Nov

The Fastest Way to Grow Your Audience On Google+

So you’ve already set up a Google+ page and have optimized your circles for business purposes. So now, what is the fastest way to grow your audience?

Most online marketing gurus will tell you that all you need to do is create quality content and engage. But that advice is about as paper-thin as, well, paper. Let’s say soy paper, because that’s pretty thin.

So aside from creating quality content, you need to do a little footwork if you want to capture an audience that is both relevant and valuable to you.

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28 Aug

Setting Up Google+ Circles for Business Success

One of the fundamental differences between Google+ and the other social networks is how it handles relationships and connections. When a business understands how to harness this it can be an invaluable prospecting tool that is far more effective than any other social network. We’ll start with the basics of how circles work and then move into a more advanced set of practices and techniques.

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08 Jul

Walkthrough: How to Start a New Google+ Page

Having a Google+ business page for your company or product is now becoming more important than ever. With Google tying it’s social product into search results and combined with the power of Google Local, your search engine optimization just got a does of steroids. The best part? Your competition is probably not savvy to the power of this just yet and that means you get the upper hand!

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02 Jun

15 Year Anniversary!

Certified Hosting is celebrating 15 YEARS of service and commitment! A huge thank you goes out to our amazing clients. Their continued trust and loyalty has allowed us to reach this major milestone.

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11 Mar
30 Dec

5 ways to build the brand identity for your site

Many businesses struggle over the idea of a brand identity, but it serves an important function and should not be ignored (ie, allowed to stagnate or morph on its own). After all, brand identity is a simple way to connect with customers and separate yourself from the competition. It represents the opportunity to get away from being “all business” and showcase the human side of your organization.

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17 Dec

Hey, Come Back Here: Benefits of Retargeting for Online Business

As many as 9 out of every 10 users who comes to your site may be leaving without a conversion. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some of those potential customers back so you can turn more visits into sales? With retargeting, that’s now possible. Retargeting allows you to directly aim a message at defined groups of site visitors, either with display ads, social media promotions, or modified site content.

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13 Dec

Content marketing: why it works, 5 positive effects & examples

Content marketing is a huge movement in the business community now. There’s one thing about it that’s not always discussed: it’s amazing. Content marketing represents a move from a direct sales and branding approach – as with typical advertising – to a completely new, indirect model of engaging with customers, potential customers, and other users who might either end up buying or helping to spread your content. It’s a move from more straightforward self-promotion to “paying it forward” with free helpful information for your online audience.

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