Personalize Your Wordpress Site With Attractive Free Themes

By CertifiedHosting 12/09/2011

WordPress is an amazingly versatile platform that can be used for creating anything from private diaries to Internet hotspots that routinely gather hundreds of thousands of page views per day, such as TechCrunch or Forbes.

One of the features that make the open source blogging platform so popular with beginners and pros alike, is WordPress’ wide open architecture. Few other applications are as open and DIY-friendly as WordPress. Even better, everything is completely free. With surprisingly little prior technical knowledge, you can tweak every aspect of your WordPress installation. And you’re not limited to the appearance of the website. Thousands of plug-ins (extensions) are available for free, allowing you to vastly improve and modify the functionality of your blog.

Even if you’re a WordPress beginner (or even a complete computer newbie), you may be surprised to find out the many amazing things you can do with your blog. With a little patience and a good WordPress hosting service, you can set up your blog, apply some fresh paint (the theme), make some home improvements (with plug-ins), and then settle in your new Internet home, all in a matter of hours.

Dazzle Visitors with Beautiful WordPress Themes

Think of the WordPress theme as a paint scheme for your home. Your house is probably not painted in one color. Just like in real life you can choose the color of the ceiling or the window drapes. With a WordPress site you can pick the color, shape, and size of every element of the site, such as menus, sidebars, or headers. Nevertheless, if you want to manually tweak each element, you will need a little technical knowledge in PHP and CSS.

The alternative is to let someone else design the color scheme, and use a ready-made package, such as a WordPress theme. In this way, you can radically change the appearance of your blog with just a couple of clicks. If only we could change the appearance of our homes just as easily.

If you haven’t set your blog yet, don’t worry – there are plenty of great WordPress hosting providers that offer free WordPress installation. Assuming that you’ve already set up your WordPress website, switching themes is a walk in the park. In the WordPress administration interface, go to Appearance>>Themes, select the theme, click Apply and you’re done.

Where do you find free WordPress themes?

There are literally thousands of sites on the Web that offer free WordPress themes. You will also find many so called “premium” themes, which are available commercially. Nevertheless, many free WordPress themes are on-par or even better than premium themes. So before purchasing a paid template, make sure to have a look at the free alternatives available. You might make a surprise savings.

Downloading the theme and copying it to your website is easy, and there are numerous free WordPress tutorials to help you sort it out.

Be cautious though. As with every popular platform, occasionally you might bump into less savory characters in the WordPress world. Some themes can contain backdoors and other malicious code, which can enable hackers to gain control over your site or snoop on your private information. For your website’s safety, you should definitely stick to downloading themes from reputable sites.

Better yet, you can have a professional choose and install your theme. Some WordPress web hosting service providers offer a full range of complimentary services, such as free WordPress installation, free WordPress themes, and free WordPress upgrades. Why not take advantage of the free services and get a clean, properly managed WordPress blog?

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