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By CertifiedHosting 02/17/2012

With billions of clips streamed over the Internet every hour, the video content revolution is in full swing. People expect to see high-quality (even HD), seamlessly streaming video content on every website they visit, from news sites to lifestyle blogs. Statistics show that pages with prominently featured videos have more returning visitors, longer visits, and better conversion rates than pages without video. So it’s no surprise that many Web entrepreneurs look at video content as a vital part of their business strategy.

Certified Hosting is a leading video hosting provider, offering a comprehensive collection of video web hosting solutions, including PHPmotion, VidiScript, and ClipShare hosting. To help you get started with video hosting, we published an article called Harness the Power of Video with Quality Video Hosting Services, which will answer some of your questions about creating a successful video website. Are you curious about what it takes to start a lucrative business based on videos? Do you have an untapped niche that you want to develop using video? Do you want to invest in an online business but you don’t know where to start? You will find answers and tips in our latest article.

All you need is a great idea

What do you need to start your own online video business? You may be tempted to answer that a solid platform on which to run your website is essential to turn your vision into a reality. Well, yes, infrastructure is important, but considering how affordable and capable the video web hosting solutions provided by Certified Hosting are, you shouldn’t worry too much about your video host.

Instead, we think that you should focus on your vision. If you want to thrive in the increasingly competitive arena of video-based websites, you need a great idea – something to set you apart from the crowd. That’s easier said than done, considering that new video websites go live every day. But if you find a good niche and focus on your long-term goals, you will still have a great shot at establishing a successful video hosting site.

Looking for tips to get started?

The latest article from Certified Hosting goes through five great ideas that you can use as starting points for your video site. Depending on how much time and money you are willing to commit to the project, you can decide to create a video review site, a trailer site, a news site, a video blog (vlog), or a user generated content (UGC) portal. Or, you can go wild and combine several ideas into one complex website.

Regardless of what strategy you choose to develop your website, you want to make sure that your visitors get the absolute best viewing experience. Modern video consumers can be very picky. Errors and slow loading clips can drive visitors away from your site, something you can’t afford if you want to be competitive. Fortunately, with quality video web hosting service providers such as Certified Hosting, it’s relatively easy (and, with an unlimited video web host, affordable) to run a fast-loading, great-looking site that visitors will love to browse.

Each of the ideas outlined in Certified Hosting’s recent article has its advantages and limitations. No matter which one you choose, you will probably want to obtain revenue from your online property. If you want to learn more about how you can make money with your video site, check out our article to learn the top three monetization options for video-based websites.

Get the best video hosting solutions at Certified Hosting

With years of experience in personal and business web hosting, Certified Hosting has the infrastructure, staff, and know-how needed to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of any type of website, including high-traffic video websites.

Forget about the blistering bandwidth overutilization fees that many competitors charge. With Certified Hosting, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and you can host as many domains as you want, for one low, monthly fee. What’s more, if you need assistance with the installation of your video script (VidiScript, ClipBucket, ClipShare, PHPmotion, etc.) or with other common tasks, the nerds at Certified Hosting will provide help, free of charge. These complimentary video hosting services alone would cost you hundreds of dollars if you were to hire someone to do them. With Certified Hosting, that money stays in your pocket.

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