R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find Out What It Means To Me...

By CertifiedHosting 04/07/2009

Ok, so here it is...another rant! I hate disrespectful people. I often wonder how one becomes disrespectful. The whole nature vs nurture debate comes to mind. Is it genetic? Doubtful. Is it due to your upbringing? Quite possibly.

Why am I ranting about RESPECT? Well, because here lately I do not seem to be getting any. Here's the scoop:

I play softball several nights a week. I started playing again last summer as it gave me something to do and I wanted to meet new people. At first, it was fun. I looked forward to every practice and every game. Then at the end of the first season, there was an issue with the team I played on...we will sum it up as a couple of guys on an ego trip. Next season, I started my own team and we lost every game. IT SUCKED! My team convinced me to go another season and quite honestly there has been nothing but problems. We have won games, that is not it. The problem seems to stem from one individual "cancer" who continually brings down the rest of the team. The "cancer" is starting to spread and the lack of respect is too. With f-bombs and other derogatory sayings being thrown out multiple times per game, I am counting down the days until this is over. 2 more weeks! WOOT WOOT

So what are your thoughts? Is it their age? The era in which they were born? Different generation of parents?

No matter, what it is...I have to stand up for myself. It is MY team. Someone has to be the leader! Wish me luck...