Right Or Wrong? Extremist Websites Hosted In Us

By CertifiedHosting 04/10/2009

According to an article on TheWhir.com, extremists such as the Taliban are using US based web hosting because of its reliability, ease-of-use, and terms of service that allow for anonymity. Recently a well-known Texas based hosting provider found that they had been hosting a Taliban website for over a year. Said host, was unaware of the Taliban connection and immediately terminated the account.

With the number of websites online today, it is nearly impossible for hosting providers to be aware of every site on their network. Should hosts be more proactive about the content they are hosting? Should they shutdown these type of websites?

I took a moment to get with our very own Kacy Carlsen, CEO of Certified Hosting. Here are her thoughts on this matter:

"As a host provider of many websites, it is impossible to monitor all content nor should providers be in the position to monitor content. However, hosting companies do have a choice with whom they choose to do business with. Generally speaking, hosting provider's terms allow for immediate termination of accounts for any reason at anytime at their sole discretion. It's this type of occurrence that host could exercise that option. As a US citizen and US company, we would not continue to host that type of website and that is our right. I do not believe that those groups are entitled to US rights and freedom of speech just because they are hosted on US servers."

Thanks to TheWhir.com and writer David Hamilton for the article. It was a great read. Feel free to voice your opinion here!

Source: TheWhir.com (http://www.thewhir.com/web-hosting-news/040909_Extremist_Websites_Using_US_Web_Hosts)