Shared Hosting Is The Most Affordable Way To Establish An Online Presence

By CertifiedHosting 02/09/2011

Among paid hosting solutions, shared web hosting has always been, and still is, the cheapest and fastest way to establish your online presence. The hosting market has yet to develop a hosting solution cheaper than shared hosting that offers the same or better features. Sure, cloud hosting is looming ahead, but it is still unclear what cloud hosting’s price tag will be when it becomes widely accepted in the hosting market. So for the time being, shared hosting has no alternatives in terms of affordability.

While dedicated hosting may boast more features, higher security, and reliability, its cost is also significantly higher. But shared hosting still provides enough resources and features for less demanding websites and is an ideal way for new website owners to get online quickly and with minimal investment. Unlike dedicated hosting, shared hosting requires little to no experience or knowledge from the hosting account user. No server administration is required, which allows the hosting account user to focus solely on their website and not on the server.

As the easiest and cheapest hosting solution available, shared web hosting is the most widespread and popular among hosting customers, which makes it the most popular among web hosts too. When there are so many web hosts out there offering cheap shared hosting plans, what’s the next logical step? The first step is to find the right shared web hosting company that can provide all the shared hosting services you need to be successful online.

Identifying the best shared web hosting provider

Many people start with comparing numerous deals from numerous shared web hosts to get the best option for the best price. But with shared hosting, most web hosting companies offer plans with similar basic features for about the same price, which makes the choice even more complicated. So in order to succeed online, hosting customers need to look for something other than just a set of basic features. For example, some web hosts offer unique features and options with their shared hosting plans at the same low price as their competitors.

The ability to install virtually any script using a one-click installer, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases, free domain name, free website transfer, anytime money back guarantee, and other free features included with shared hosting plans may tip the scale in the web host’s favor. However, free features alone do not make the best shared website hosting provider, but they certainly help.

Even more important than free features is the reliability of a web host. Many shared web hosting providers promise free and unlimited this and that, but few really deliver what they promise. A true sign of the best web host and proof of its reliability is the number of satisfied hosting customers the hosting provider is supporting. Feel free to ask your prospective shared web hosting provider how many customers they are currently hosting. But remember, the number of customers is only one factor in choosing the best shared web hosting provider.

Certified Hosting’s unlimited shared hosting plans are the real deal

Because of its affordability, shared web hosting is usually the last on the list of priorities for many hosts. This means hosting customers on shared hosting plans are usually given less priority over those on VPS or dedicated hosting. But that’s not the case at Certified Hosting. Whether you are on a shared hosting plan or a dedicated server plan, Certified Hosting will provide the same great level of support as with any other Certified Hosting web hosting plan. All Certified Hosting customers are top priority so each and every hosting customer gets full attention from our expert support team, which is available to answer your questions and support tickets 24/7/365.

While some web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space as a marketing gimmick, Certified Hosting has no limits on bandwidth or disk space on our unlimited shared web hosting plans. The same holds true for other numerous free features included in Certified Hosting’s shared hosting plans. For example, an Uptime Guarantee is included with all Certified Hosting shared hosting plans, which means our reliability and 99.9% uptime for your website is guaranteed.

To find out more about Certified Hosting unlimited shared hosting plans, visit or call a Certified Hosting representative today at 1-800-547-9995 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-909-498-4415 (worldwide).