Shopping Carts Increase Profits? You Bet

By CertifiedHosting 08/03/2010

Website owners use shopping cart programs to turn a website into an online store. Shopping carts provide you with different features, and open source shopping carts allow you to customize the shopping cart features for your website's needs. Find out how important shopping carts are to your ecommerce website in this Certified Hosting article, Making Online Purchases Easy with Ecommerce Shopping Carts, available exclusively at Certified Hosting.

Using shopping cart reports to customize products and services

An effective way to increase sales is by utilizing your ecommerce website hosting shopping cart's administrative features to their fullest. Review the statistics and reports on the behavior of your website visitors, such as which pages they viewed and what they ordered. Use this information to adjust the products and services to ones that interest them the most.

If you keep up with visitors by email or through a blog, you can target your messages to the specific subjects your web visitors find important, building trust in your brand and encouraging repeat sales. Certified Hosting ecommerce web hosting supports unlimited email accounts with your shopping cart, so you can alert customers about an updated version of a previous purchase or keep them informed about what's new in their areas of interest.

The purchase page is not just for completing transactions

Careful use of the purchase page in your ecommerce hosting shopping cart can increase both the number of sales and the dollar value of a purchase. Many prospects reach the point of almost making a purchase and then abandon the sale at the last possible moment. Use your purchase page to stop this trend! Open-source shopping carts support modifications like these so with your Certified Hosting ecommerce web site hosting, you can maximize every feature of your online store.

Repeat the main features and benefits of the product your web visitor is buying on the purchase page itself (in addition to on the description page). This repetition reinforces the shopper’s desire to purchase that item. You can also offer the buyer complementary products to purchase, resulting in more sales.

For example, if you are selling in-line skates, mention on the purchase page how the wheels decrease friction and increase speed, or how the boot is designed to maintain balance. Adding features and benefits of the products your prospective buyers are viewing at the crucial moment of making a purchase will help them overcome last-minute objections to buying. You can also add links to helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads in order to encourage the purchaser to increase their purchase with items they may be interested in using with their initial purchase product.

Certified Hosting offers unlimited shopping cart options

Ecommerce web hosting with Certified Hosting gives you reliable web hosting and 24x7 support services to help your ecommerce business succeed. Certified Hosting offers hosting options for many free, open-source shopping carts including oscommerce hosting, cubecart hosting, buy safe hosting, zen cart hosting, magento hosting, ubercart hosting, agoracart hosting, and nopcart hosting.

Our technical support is always available to answer your ecommerce hosting questions and you can get tips and advice from other ecommerce hosters in the Certified Hosting community forums. Visit to learn more about Certified Hosting unlimited ecommerce web hosting and shopping cart options.