Should You Choose Phpbb Hosting For Your Message Board?

By CertifiedHosting 05/09/2012

Between phpBB hosting, vBulletin hosting, and IPB hosting, the choices are numerous when it comes to selecting a message board application. Each specific application for launching and running an online community has its own unique strengths and benefits, making it incredibly difficult to choose the best implementation for your business. In addition, it can be hard to predict how your community might develop over time, which features you will need to use regularly, and how well your chosen application will perform as traffic and member numbers increase.

phpBB hosting is currently a leading choice for message board hosting, as it can support a large community with thousands of regular users. At first glance, phpBB hosting lacks the extensive and exhaustive features of alternatives such as vBulletin. On installation, phpBB is a simple, streamlined application that focuses its attention on only the most essential tasks of an online community. However, as thousands of webmasters will agree, its simplicity is one of the most appealing features of a phpBB hosting plan.

In a recently published article, Three Reasons to Choose phpBB Hosting to Launch Your Online Discussion Board, specialty application hosting provider Certified Hosting explores the essential benefits of phpBB hosting services, giving you insight into whether phpBB hosting is right for you. In the article, you will learn why so many experienced webmasters opt for phpBB hosting and how easy it is to get started with phpBB hosting today.

phpBB hosting uses software that is fast, flexible, and free

With the availability of so many proprietary message board applications, it may be difficult to imagine why anybody would feel it necessary to develop an entire system from scratch. However, many webmasters and business owners feel that this is the only way to get a message board that suits their individual and unique requirements. Some ready-made software programs include overly complex features that clutter control panels and make administration difficult; others are incapable of any advanced functionality. Custom development is the only way to get a truly tailored forum.

In our new article, Certified Hosting looks at the unique design of phpBB hosting, revealing a highly modular approach that makes customization quick and easy. You will learn how phpBB hosting balances a full set of features against the ability to turn things on and off at will, leaving you with a system that is simple to configure, easily changed, and ready for expansion as your community grows.

In addition, the article looks at the costs associated with launching an online message board and how open source phpBB hosting has no prohibitively expensive application licenses or recurring payments. With a phpBB hosting plan, it is possible to gain the benefits of owning your own community, without spending a fortune to keep it online.

Order phpBB hosting from Certified Hosting today

As a specialty provider of phpBB hosting services, we at Certified Hosting understand that most business owners do not have the time to alter complex system settings just to make their forum application work correctly. That’s why Certified Hosting offers phpBB hosting plans with a range of free installation options as standard.

For customers choosing a specific phpBB hosting plan from Certified Hosting, installation is offered free of charge. Certified Hosting’s team of web application experts can install phpBB for you in mere minutes, helping you to start configuring your message board as soon as possible. Alternatively, it is possible to self-install phpBB hosting in just a few clicks with Certified Hosting’s Softaculous script installer.

Even better, as your community grows and your requirements change, Certified Hosting is always happy to help you expand. If you realize that you require a different phpBB hosting module or phpBB hosting modification at a later date, Certified Hosting can help you add new functionality to your phpBB hosting plan, at no extra charge.

phpBB hosting from Certified Hosting can not only get your community started today, but it can also help you to grow your community for years to come.

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