Social Network Hosting: Where To Start

By CertifiedHosting 03/02/2012

Technology has changed the way we interact with each other. Our social circles have become larger and more geographically dispersed as we begin to replace in-person interactions with virtual means of socializing. This trend is reflected in the way we use the Internet. Statistics show that social networks make up the fastest-growing category of websites, with continual increases in traffic and user engagement.

From the smallest virtual communities to Facebook, the mother of all social networks, users flock to online social venues. The demand for social networks is definitely present, and where there’s a demand, there is always a lucrative business opportunity.

If you would like to create a social network but don’t know where to start, you may want to read a recent article published in the Certified Hosting resource center, which provides an overview of some of the best social network hosting solutions available on the market. In Top 8 Social Network Hosting Applications, you can learn about powerful social network hosting applications such as Dolphin, Elgg, phpFox, and StatusNet – applications which you can use to build a community portal, an online dating site, a social network, or any other type of social website.

Pick your social network hosting application from Certified Hosting’s wide selection

Certified Hosting has substantial expertise in running social networking software, including (but not limited to) the popular Elgg and BoonEx Dolphin applications. Hundreds of clients trust Certified Hosting to provide them with stable, powerful social network hosting solutions that can easily withstand the demands of a bustling social site.

Regardless of which type of social website you want to build, Certified Hosting has a social network web hosting service that is ideal for your needs. In the article Top 8 Social Network Hosting Applications, you can learn about these services and the particularities of each application.

A social network application for every need

Certified Hosting provides hosting solutions for a variety of purposes and demands. For instance, the StatusNet application is ideal for large businesses with large numbers of employees, grouped in autonomous or geographically dispersed teams. With a StatusNet social network hosting solution, employees can exchange information with the convenience of posting a message on Twitter.

Certified Hosting also offers solutions that are geared toward online dating platforms, such as eMeeting or AbleDating. These social network hosting services are designed to support many concurrent connections, including processor-intensive video chat sessions. They also provide a rich feature set so you can engage your users and keep them hooked to your website.

Other social network hosting applications from Certified Hosting, including BoonEx Dolphin and phpFox, are more general in scope, allowing you to build various types of social websites. For example, you can use Dolphin to build a Flickr-like photo sharing site or a dating website that can compete with Plenty of Fish and other established dating portals.

Get support and expert advice from a team of social network hosting experts

Social network hosting poses unique challenges that only a professional with years of experience can properly address. To provide the best possible service, Certified Hosting employs some of the best talent in the industry: knowledgeable software engineers, experienced network administrators, and the most competent support professionals.

Whether you choose Dolphin, Elgg, phpFox, or StatusNet, you can get started quickly and inexpensively by utilizing the free services offered by Certified Hosting. With any unlimited social network web hosting service from Certified Hosting, you get free installation, free templates, free site transfer if you move from another host, and free upgrades. And, for your complete peace of mind, the first month is free and your investment is protected by an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

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