Some Important Considerations When Choosing A Magento Host For Your Magento-Powered Online Store

By CertifiedHosting 05/18/2011

For online merchants requiring complete control over every aspect of their online stores, from product display and selection to billing, shipping, multiple addresses, multiple currencies, and multi-language support, there is no better solution than the Magento e-commerce platform. With an impressive feature set and a theme based structure, the Magento platform delivers a powerful e-commerce tool for online retailers looking for e-commerce experiences that are fast, feature-rich, and seamlessly integrated with back-end processes. By leveraging the power of the Magento platform, merchants can create unique user experiences that improve customer service efficiency and consumer satisfaction and increase ROI.

If you have the intention of using Magento to create and run your own online store but you need more information on Magento, we encourage you to read Certified Hosting’s recently published article, Maximize the Potential of your E-commerce Business with Magento Hosting Services. The article provides information about the Magento platform by examining what Magento is, what editions of Magento are available and why you may want to use Magento hosting solutions to power your e-commerce website.

Empower your online store with a reliable Magento hosting service

Magento web hosting makes it easy to deploy highly customized and personalized ecommerce websites specifically tailored to your business needs. Magento is packed with features and full of functionality, thus it requires a specific web hosting environment, which is optimized to enable it to run as fast as possible. In order for your Magento-based website to run smoothly and experience the best performance, it is important to choose a reliable Magento host offering Magento hosting services fully compatible with all Magento hosting requirements. But how do you choose a Magento hosting company that is right for you? Below is a list of things to consider when choosing a Magento web host that will best suit your Magento-based online store.

System requirements compatibility. For best performance and fast load times, your Magento host should be fully compatible with all Magento system requirements. To run smoothly, Magento requires the following software: Apache web server; PHP 5.2.0 or greater with these extensions: PDO_MySQL, simplexml, mcrypt, hash, GD, DOM, iconv, curl and SOAP; MySQL 4.1.20 or newer and a valid SSL certificate. So, before choosing any particular Magento hosting provider, make sure the provider meets all these Magento hosting requirements.

Installation service fees. Installing Magento on your web hosting account is a straightforward procedure, so your web host should not charge you for this service. The Magento development team has developed an easy-to-use fully automatic module installation feature completely integrated in the Magento platform. That’s why no additional fees should be applied by your web hosting provider for Magento modules, components, and template installation.

Optimal performance. It’s a well-known fact that users tend to gravitate towards faster loading e-commerce websites. For this reason, it is very important to choose a web hosting company that knows how to create isolated Magento hosting environments specifically tuned for optimal performance and rapid delivery of your Magento website.

Technical support. In order to run your ecommerce website smoothly and trouble-free, it is important to choose a Magento web host that provides excellent technical support. Only a web hosting provider that has a support team of Magento experts with extensive experience in e-commerce hosting can provide you with accurate and timely assistance.

Choosing a reliable web hosting provider for your Magento-based online store is not easy. However, by taking into consideration all of the above-mentioned factors and by taking the time to learn about a Magento host before your order the service, you will be able to locate the best Magento web host that will suit all your e-commerce hosting requirements.

Choose the best Magento web hosting service from a reliable Magento host

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable Magento hosting provider to host your Mageto-powered website, Certified Hosting is the best choice for you. Certified Hosting offers Magento optimized hosting solutions that are fully compatible with all Magento system requirements. At Certified Hosting we don’t charge additional fees for installing Magento components. We provide free Magento installations as well as free Magento templates, free Magento upgrades, free Magento module installations, free Magento database, and free Magento transfers. In addition, Certified Hosting has an excellent team of Magento experts with extensive experience installing, configuring, and optimizing Magento-based e-commerce websites. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any Magento-related issues you might have.

With Certified Hosting’s Magento hosting services you and your customers will experience exceptional performance, incredibly fast load times, and rapid store navigation.

Choose Certified Hosting to power your Magento online store and experience the difference.

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