Specialty Hosting Serves Specific Website Needs Including Cms, Ecommerce, Blog Hosting, Forum Hosting, Social Networking, Audio And Video Sharing, And More

By CertifiedHosting 01/13/2011

In most cases, people looking for a web hosting solution need specialized hosting depending on the type of online activity they plan on doing. Some companies may need special hosting services in order to host a highly scalable ecommerce website. Maybe a group of campus students need special hosting services to host their blog or a group of computer enthusiasts may need special hosting services to host a popular community forum. Or a news publishing site wants to run YouTube-like videos and needs audio/video sharing hosting. Some web hosting providers cater to those needs by providing specialty hosting services – a special type of hosting dedicated to serve the specific needs of a client’s website.

Depending on the online activity you want to engage in, you will need specific web tools or scripts to create and run a website for that type of activity, especially if you want to run a successful interactive website. With specialty hosting, hosting providers offer clients hosting solutions bundled with all the required web tools to create and run interactive websites. These specialty hosting solutions also include the necessary hardware, software, and bandwidth needed to power clients’ websites.

What is special about specialty hosting?

What’s great about specialty web hosting is you can choose a hosting solution that provides exactly what is required for your online presence. With specialty hosting solutions, you can be absolutely sure your server hardware and software is compatible with your web tool of choice and your hosting plan has everything it takes to successfully run your interactive website. Be it a WordPress blog, a Magento ecommerce website, a Joomla powered corporate website, or even a video sharing service based on PHP Motion, the right specialty hosting solution will provide all the hardware and software resources for your website’s purposes.

Specialty hosting often includes custom one-click web tool installs, free updates, free templates, and free modules for your web tool of choice, depending on the hosting solution you choose. If you choose specialty hosting, your website will be hosted on a fully managed hosting solution that is 100% compatible with your web tools and scripts. For example, if you want to run a Joomla powered website or a Magento powered ecommerce site, specialty hosting services are designed to work with the tools and scripts needed to power those websites.

Specialty web hosting services and support

The tools and scripts you get with specialty hosting solutions are typically easy to learn and use. However, in most cases, hosting providers will offer only support relating to the installation of your tools and their connectivity with various products. But with Certified Hosting, you get all the support you need to successfully run your CMS powered website such as ModX hosting or Drupal hosting, ecommerce website with Zen-Cart hosting or osCommerce hosting, and other leading specialty hosting solutions.

You can get a blog powered by WordPress hosting or B2Evolution Hosting, or social networking powered by Elgg hosting and Dolphin hosting. And step up with forum hosting such as vBulletin hosting and phpBB hosting, or audio/video sharing with PHP Motion hosting, AVS hosting, and Clipshare hosting. Regardless of your specialty hosting needs, Certified Hosting has dozens of specialty hosting solutions you can start using today, within minutes of signing up.

Certified Hosting has all the specialty hosting solutions you need

Certified Hosting offers a huge selection of specialty hosting solutions for your online presence. From ecommerce hosting solutions like Magento hosting and osCommerce hosting to CMS hosting plans including Joomla hosting and Drupal hosting, Certified Hosting has everything it takes to power your website. Blog hosting, social networking hosting, forum hosting, and even audio/video sharing hosting – Certified Hosting has it all. Certified Hosting also offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth on all specialty hosting solutions and plans so your website will be available to your users at all times.

Certified Hosting provides expert 24/7 support and free automated installation with many specialty hosting solutions including our popular blog hosting services to get you up and running within minutes. Coupled with Certified Hosting’s rock-solid network and support services, our specialty hosting packages are the best choice for the most demanding clients.

View Certified Hosting’s specialty hosting services and choose from the huge list of specialty hosting solutions or call a Certified Hosting representative today at 1-800-547-9995 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-909-498-4415 (worldwide).