Start Blogging With Wordpress!

By CertifiedHosting 07/05/2010

Certified Hosting recently published WordPress Hosting for Fun and Profit, an article about using WordPress for starting, building, and using your own blog. There are dozens of reasons to get started with WordPress, especially WordPress Hosting from Certified Hosting. Take a look at what the article covers:

  • Using a blog to connect with readers over the internet
  • Blogging as a way to promote a product or service
  • How to use WordPress and WordPress tools like plugins
  • WordPress Hosting requirements
  • Preferred hosting features for optimal WordPress and blogging capability
  • Details of Certified Hosting unlimited WordPress blog hosting

We have so much information on using WordPress to start your own blog, we couldn’t possibly cover everything in the WordPress Hosting for Fun and Profit article. The WordPress Hosting team here at Certified Hosting has extensive knowledge in WordPress hosting and can help you get set up your own WordPress blog. In fact, the team has put together so much information, we are giving you dozens of WordPress Hosting tips available in the Certified Hosting Video Tutorials section.

Topics include making WordPress more secure and optimizing WordPress for better performance. The Certified Hosting Video Tutorials provide tips and advice on basically every area of web hosting. And if you don't find what you are looking for, let us know. We’ll sit down with the Certified Hosting team of WordPress hosting experts and start creating more articles, blogs, and free WordPress tutorials!

Certified Hosting WordPress hosting has the tools you need

There are so many things you can do with your WordPress blog. Reliable, robust hosting is an important factor in making sure your blog can perform the way you want it to so make sure you choose a WordPress Hosting company that can deliver everything you need to keep your blog running. As always, Certified Hosting offers unlimited WordPress blog hosting and includes unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space.

In addition, Certified Hosting WordPress Hosting also includes unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited domain names so you can create unlimited blogs. You also get free WordPress installation, free WordPress themes, and free WordPress tutorials so you can maximize every element of your blog, and free WordPress upgrades whenever WordPress releases a new version of their blogging software.

With these unlimited tools in our WordPress hosting solutions, you can easily set up as many WordPress blogs as you like within the same user account. WordPress is so versatile you can create a highly individualized blog in a variety of niches with features specific to each one. Certified Hosting’s free WordPress tutorials walk you through the different aspects of managing your blog, like adding content, configuring options, and managing plug-ins.

Try WordPress Hosting from Certified Hosting and start blogging today

Blogging with Certified Hosting WordPress Hosting is a great way to get started promoting a product or service and developing a connection with other interested readers online. To find out how WordPress blogs and Certified Hosting WordPress solutions can help you get started blogging, contact us today.