Take Your Website To A New Level With Dedicated Server Hosting

By CertifiedHosting 12/29/2010

When it comes to hosting solutions, dedicated server hosting is the Ferrari of web hosting. Sure, the prices might be higher when compared to other types of hosting, but if you look at what dedicated server hosting has to offer, the prices are worth spending a little extra to get the power and flexibility your website deserves.

Dedicated server hosting provides your website with the resources, reliability, security, and control not available with any other type of hosting solution. And forget the word “sharing” when you choose dedicated server hosting. Dedicated server hosting means no sharing is included in the hosting package – all of the server resources and bandwidth are yours.

Recently we published a two-part article, Boost Your Business with a Dedicated Server: Part 1 and Boost Your Business with a Dedicated Server: Part 2. The two-part article defines dedicated servers and dedicated server hosting, explores the benefits of dedicated server hosting, and provides tips on how to choose the right dedicated hosting provider and hosting plan for your business.

What dedicated server hosting has to offer

With a dedicated server, you get all the resources that come with your dedicated server hosting plan. Resources include hard disk space, CPU power, bandwidth - all used exclusively for your website. Forget lags, downtimes, security risks, space limits, and lack of control inevitable with other types of hosting. A dedicated server is exactly what you need when you want top performance and high-end speed and agility with your website.

First, with dedicated hosting you get total control of your server. From hardware to operating system to control panel to 3rd party scripts – you decide what you need for your website. Next, if you are concerned about website security, rest assured that your server will be extremely secure with the help of Certified Hosting engineers and security specialists. Your website will also enjoy the unprecedented uptime only dedicated server hosting can provide, meaning your website will always be online. These are only a few features from a long list of benefits you get when you choose a dedicated hosting solution.

Make use of all the resources that come with a dedicated server

Regardless if you run a single resource-intensive ecommerce website, multiple websites, or you host a lot of media content – dedicated hosting will definitely meet and exceed your needs. Choose any of the dedicated hosting plans Certified Hosting has to offer and enjoy an enormous 10 Terabyte bandwidth that will surely provide plenty of room for your website visitors to browse and interact with your website. Regardless of which dedicated server you choose, you will get all the disk space and processor power that comes with a dedicated server in order to keep your website up and running without delays.

Advantages of choosing dedicated servers from Certified Hosting

Take advantage of an Unlimited Management Plan Certified Hosting offers with our managed dedicated servers. Our experts take care of every aspect of server management and monitoring so you can concentrate on your website instead of managing your server. In addition to unlimited subdomains, FTP accounts, email accounts and MySQL databases, our plan includes free installation of your 3rd party scripts required for running your website. Toss in unlimited support requests and 24/7 expert support via phone, live chat, and ticket system and get assistance when you really need it the most.

Dedicated server hosting for top-notch website performance

Like high-end performance cars - Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini - dedicated server hosting gives you the performance, blazing speeds, and complete control your website needs. If you want the best performance, uninterrupted operation, highest security, and all the resources needed to power your demanding website – a dedicated server is ideal. With a dedicated server and dedicated server hosting from Certified Hosting, you will definitely get a return on your investment and a guaranteed satisfaction as a bonus.

To learn how you can get the satisfaction of owning a dedicated server for your website with the highest performance, visit http://certifiedhosting.com/managed-dedicated-servers/ today.