The Fastest Way To Grow Your Audience On Google+

By CertifiedHosting 11/18/2014

So you’ve already set up a Google+ page and have optimized your circles for business purposes. So now, what is the fastest way to grow your audience?

Most online marketing gurus will tell you that all you need to do is create quality content and engage. But that advice is about as paper-thin as, well, paper. Let’s say soy paper, because that’s pretty thin.

So aside from creating quality content, you need to do a little footwork if you want to capture an audience that is both relevant and valuable to you.

How to Discover Your Audience

Just like any good keyword research, you have to know what your audience is going to be looking for.

Take a minute to write down a handful of keywords that are both relevant to your business and something your audience will be searching for and/or talking about.

Go to Google+ and use the search box to perform searches for those keywords.

Then you’ll want to identify the people and pages who are talking about those keywords and generating the most activity. These are either going to be your competitors, or ideal audience. We’ll call these our Keyword Influencers (which we talked about here) and place them into the circle you created for those specific people.

Capturing Your Audience

Now starting with the person or page with the highest level of engagement (+1s, shares, and comments), you’ll want to follow the people who are actively engaging on their posts.

Add them to a new circle called “[CURRENT MONTH] [PROFILE/PAGE NAME]”.

So you would substitute [CURRENT MONTH] with whatever month it currently is and [PROFILE/PAGE NAME] with the name of the page or profile you found these people from.

Do this for as many Keyword Influencers as you can, not exceeding adding more than 100 people a day. If you find yourself reaching your daily add limit, drop that number to only 50 a day.

So for example, if I’m looking for keyword influencers on the keyword “quotegraphics” I would likely find Dustin W. Stout and begin circling the people who are engaging with his quotegraphic posts. I would name this circle “November Dustin”.

Make sense? Good.

Is There An Easier Way?

Now I know what you’re probably thinking— this is going to take a long time. And you’re right. That’s why I recommend spending $47 and getting this amazing tool called Circloscope. Take a look at how it handles this one task alone:


It’s well worth the annual cost.

If you make this a regular part of your social media activity you will find that your following begins to grow quickly. People will begin following you back when they see you’ve followed them and you can take some time to engage with those circles throughout the week.

Your following may not grow at break-neck speeds, but because of the method you’re using is highly targeted, these followers will be highly targeted and much more valuable than a bunch of meaningless followers who have no interest in what you’re about.

A Few Last Tips

Only add to these circles for the month that it was created. So if you’ve created a November Dustin circle, on December 1st you’ll stop adding people to that circle. Create a December Dustin (or your influencer of choice) circle and start over.

We recommend keeping these circles for a maximum of two months before deleting them to clear out clutter. So if you’ve created the circle in November, once January comes, go ahead and delete that circle entirely.

If you’re actively engaging with those who are engaging back with you, this should be enough time to move the most valuable people from these monthly circles into a more permanent circle such as your Engagement, Target Audience, or Lead circles we created in the last article.

Remember, the goal isn’t adding mass amounts of random people so that you will get as many follow-backs as possible. This is about finding your target audience and engaging with them in a way that’s relevant.

Consistently execute on this strategy and you will see a great bump in your audience growth and engagement.