The Most Affordable Unlimited Reseller Hosting Just Got Even Better

By CertifiedHosting 11/10/2011

With more and more individuals looking for new ways to make money online, reseller web hosting services continue to grow in popularity. From web designers who hope to offer their clients great hosting deals to IT specialists who want to launch their own branded hosting service, reseller hosting plans give you the chance to purchase your web space with the support you need to start selling hosting services at a profit.

When you purchase a reseller hosting plan, you will receive a fixed allocation of system resources including disk space and bandwidth. In theory, you should be able to divide these resources up across however many accounts you need. However, not every reseller host maximizes your opportunities to make a profit. In fact, some of the largest reseller services in the world offer restricted allocations and a controlled number of possible accounts. Worst of all, these services are often so expensive that, in reality, you have little chance of generating a sufficient income.

At Certified Hosting, we want to help you to sell your hosting space, manage your accounts, and make a load of money too! That’s why we’ve just completed an overhaul of our reseller hosting packages, available immediately from as little as $19.95. Before, we thought our reseller plans were good. Now, we’re confident that they’re the best.

Unlimited reseller web hosting from $19.95

If you are going to build a successful business with your reseller hosting plan, you need to get as much space and as many features as you can, for as little as possible. Our new range of unlimited reseller hosting services now includes more resources than the competition and at a lower price point.

The new Certified Hosting Reseller Hosting Plans are:

  • Reseller 1 – 50GB Disk Space, 500GB Bandwidth, $19.95 – A great way to get started, our beginners reseller hosting plan now features even more hardware power, giving you the chance to run even more accounts.
  • Reseller 2 – 90GB Disk Space, 900GB Bandwidth, $34.95 – The ideal solution as your reseller hosting business grows, this generous package is now available at our most affordable price.
  • Reseller 3 – 130GB Disk Space, 1100GB Bandwidth, $49.95 – With ample resources to ensure a steady stream of income, we’ve reduced the cost of this reseller plan, giving you the chance to generate more income.
  • Reseller 4 – 170GB Disk Space, 1300GB Bandwidth, $74.95 – The first of two completely new plans, this fully-loaded plan means you can start selling powerful web hosting without going over budget.
  • Reseller 5 – 200GB Disk Space, 1500GB Bandwidth, $99.95 – For power users and experienced resellers, our brand new top-end reseller hosting plan gives you all the hardware power you could need to take your hosting business to the next level.

Across each of these new reseller hosting plans, we have focused on keeping resources high and costs low. By giving you more for less, Certified Hosting is the number one choice for affordable reseller hosting that can generate phenomenal levels of income.

Order unlimited reseller hosting from Certified Hosting today

Whether you are just starting out in the reseller hosting business or you are an experienced reseller hosting user spending too much money with another provider, our incredible range of new reseller web hosting services offer something to suit businesses of all sizes.

Along with our generous new resource allocations, every Certified Hosting reseller web hosting plan features unlimited accounts and unlimited domains, giving you absolute control over how you sell your accounts. What’s more, we provide quality, reliable hosting to both you and your reseller hosting customers, with a 99.999% uptime guarantee, WHM cPanel controls, and a professional support service available 24/7/365.

For more details on the unlimited reseller web hosting services available from Certified Hosting, call 1-909-498-4415 or visit today.