Tips For Migrating From Shared Hosting To Semi-Dedicated Or Dedicated Server Hosting

By CertifiedHosting 09/23/2010

Is your business and website ready for the enhanced performance, security, and control of dedicated server hosting? A recently published Certified Hosting article, Dedicated Server Hosting Improves Performance, Availability, and Control for Online Businesses, explains the benefits of semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers for larger businesses and businesses that need enhanced network security and data protection.

Dedicated server hosting gives you access to more server resources including bandwidth, disk space, operating system, and choice of applications and software. 100% of the resources available with your dedicated server increase website performance and reliability immediately, leading to faster loading and downloading times.

Avoiding downtime when upgrading your hosting plan

When you move your data files and website information from a shared hosting to semi-dedicated server hosting or dedicated server hosting, you may experience downtime during the transition. For certain websites this may be acceptable, but for others any downtime may be devastating in terms of revenue lost and damage to reputation.

Certified Hosting offers free file transfers and database transfers with no downtime at our expense. Our Certified Geek Team will take over and make your transition as painless as possible. When your files are set up with your new dedicated server hosting account, you will notice significant improvement right away and be able to grow your business with confidence.

Choosing managed or unmanaged dedicated server hosting

With shared server hosting, the web hosting provider manages the server and you manage your specific web hosting account. Unmanaged dedicated server hosting works differently. You manage the server yourself including maintenance, security, and server optimization. Certified Hosting offers unlimited managed dedicated server hosting, handling installations, updates, configuration, backups and restores, and unlimited server administration.

Investing in a dedicated server to accommodate the growing needs of your business is an important step. At Certified Hosting you can control your dedicated server resources and you also control how much management responsibility you want to take on. Fully managed dedicated server hosting comes with root access, cPanel control panel, and unlimited sub-domains and email accounts.

Certified Hosting has the right dedicated hosting solution for you

Semi-dedicated hosting, dedicated colocation server hosting, and fully managed dedicated server hosting are just a few of the dedicated server options available at Certified Hosting. If you need a dedicated server built to your custom specifications, Certified Hosting will build the exact dedicated server you want. We are committed to giving you control of your web hosting experience with unlimited hosting options from the team that brought you unlimited shared web hosting and now brings you unlimited managed dedicated server hosting.

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