Tips For Using Links And Banner Ads To Increase Affiliate Hosting Profits

By CertifiedHosting 12/10/2010

Are you a web hosting affiliate? Are you considering joining the best web hosting affiliate program at Certified Hosting? A recently published Certified Hosting article, Affiliate Hosting: Putting the Highest Payout into Perspective, gives you an overview of affiliate hosting and explains the different factors that go into the best web hosting affiliate programs so you can start increasing your affiliate hosting profits today.

You’ll learn how affiliate website hosting works, how to make money as a web hosting affiliate, discover the most important aspects of an affiliate web hosting program, how to find customers for your affiliate hosting business, and how to achieve success with Certified Hosting’s best hosting affiliate program.

Getting started with affiliate hosting links and banner ads

So you have read the article, signed up as a Certified Hosting affiliate, and now you want to learn how to increase your affiliate hosting profits. Successful web hosting affiliates increase their affiliate hosting earnings by using links and banner ads to attract, convert, and increase revenue. You can do the same by selecting the right affiliate ads and links based on your audience and the web hosting plans you want to promote.

What type of web hosting affiliate ad should you use?

Tailor the type of hosting to the audience. Bigger businesses or more complex websites respond better to ads for semi dedicated hosting and dedicated hosting. People who do not have much technical know-how may want managed hosting services. Hobby websites and new businesses can start off with shared hosting services. Banners and links for hosting services that fill the actual need of the people reading the ad have significantly more success.

Size and shape of your web hosting affiliate ads

The size and shape of the banner or link depends on the space where it will appear. Larger banners lend themselves to website headers and footers, while small ads are appropriate for links in an email. Sometimes one size link works better for a certain type of web page or site, or a specific audience.

Use the best hosting affiliate program tools available with your Certified Hosting affiliate program to attract and convert the most customers while earning the biggest payouts by testing your affiliate hosting links. Try different sizes, colors, and placement on your website or blog. Then look at the results and determine which hosting affiliate ads perform best.

Did you know?

Certified Hosting offers an extensive supply of professional banners, ads and links, including light boxes and page peels. These links are available in many colors and multiple sizes. If you have a specific type of ad in mind that you do not find among the many choices, Certified Hosting will design an ad according to your specifications. Contact a Certified Hosting representative today to learn how you can get your own ads designed.

The person behind your hosting affiliate links

When you are building your affiliate business, your strongest asset is yourself. Build a strong reputation for your affiliate hosting business by knowing your customers and giving them excellent service. Earn their trust by offering them reliable and high performing Certified Hosting web hosting. They will continue to refer to you for advice on how to get the best web hosting services so make it easy by promoting Certified Hosting as a hosting affiliate.

Offer your web visitors help and advice through the content of your website. With your free affiliate hosting account from Certified Hosting you can create a free website or blog to promote Certified Hosting hosting services. Be up front and honest about being a member of the best affiliate hosting program – Certified Hosting! If you give your customers and readers attentive, helpful and useful content, they will remain loyal and support you, thereby increasing your affiliate hosting profits.

Learn more about starting a profitable affiliate hosting business with the highest paying hosting affiliate program at Certified Hosting. Visit today for more information and to sign up.