Top Five Features Of The Best Affiliate Hosting Programs

By CertifiedHosting 12/03/2010

Are you thinking about starting an affiliate hosting business, but don’t know how to choose the best web hosting affiliate program? The following list of important aspects of affiliate hosting programs will help you recognize the best hosting affiliate program. There is much more to a profitable affiliate web hosting business than having the highest paying hosting affiliate program. The following list points you in the right direction to help you get started with your own affiliate hosting company.

  1. IP and cookie tracking. Most people do not make quick decisions about which web hosting service they want to use. They may click on your affiliate link, think about it for a few days, and then come back to sign up for web hosting services you display on your affiliate page. Guaranteed IP and cookie tracking gives you the assurance that you will get paid for an affiliate customer, even if they make a purchase after time has elapsed.
  2. Competitive promotional tools. A free web hosting affiliate account that includes promotional tools like banners, ads, and links help you become a successful web hosting affiliate. The best web hosting affiliate program also gives you a web hosting account for a website or blog to promote your hosting affiliate business. The combination of your website and customized banners and links makes attracting hosting customers a simple process.
  3. Affiliate support. Hosting affiliate marketers have questions and issues that need to be addressed by a team of hosting affiliate experts. Determine the manner and speed of support when deciding on the best web hosting affiliate program. Types of support to look for include fast responses from customer service by telephone and tickets, and also getting tips from articles or in a forum of other affiliate marketers and experts.
  4. Tiered commission and earnings. An affiliate hosting program that offers tiered commission means you make more profit per sale based on the amount of sales you make.
  5. Unlimited payment threshold. Unlimited threshold works together with a tiered earning system and is an important factor in determining the best web hosting affiliate program for you. Limiting the payment threshold means you can lose out on earnings if you sign up a lot people for web hosting. So look for an affiliate hosting program that does not limit your payment threshold.

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