Unlimited Hosting Is It Really Unlimited?

By CertifiedHosting 01/19/2010

Unlimited hosting has customers asking a lot of questions. One of the more common questions is "Is unlimited hosting really unlimited?" Read along as I explain unlimited hosting and try to put away the myths behind it.

Unlimited really does really mean unlimited - unlimited bandwidth and storage that is. If your website is optimized and not hogging the cpu and RAM - you should be ok. Again, the bandwidth and storage truly is unlimited and the trick or catch, if you will, is the server resources. Although a host can provide unlimited bandwidth and storage, they can not provide unlimited server resources to multiple clients, it is just impossible in a shared environment.

Some people have asked, "Why offer unlimited hosting? Just give me limits.". The answer is simple and this is probably the biggest myth in regards to shared hosting. Limits do not keep you from abusing server resources. Even if we limited your bandwidth and storage space it is still very possible for a site to use more than their share of the server resources.  

What if I want/need unlimited server resources you ask? Well, then a shared environment is not for you. Your site(s) require a dedicated server and even though you may be able to skate by for a day or two on a shared server, inevitably your account will be suspended and your site will go offline.

Don't let the term 'unlimited' scare you! Unlimited hosting is perfect for those running optimized hobby, personal, blogging, business, photo galleries, membership sites.

Still uneasy about unlimited hosting? Certified Hosting offers a one-of-a-kind protection policy. For just $4.95 a month, your hosting account is protected from being suspended if for some reason you should utilize above accepted levels of server resources.