Use Flash Hosting For Visual Appeal And Increase Search Engine Rankings

By CertifiedHosting 11/01/2010

Fast-loading Flash animations, designs, and applications are an effective way to connect with visitors to your website and potential customers. Flash media hosting enables you to interact with your audience through video and design, effectively relaying a powerful visual message. A recently published Certified Hosting article, Support Your Videos and Designs with Flash Hosting Services, explores Flash and Flash hosting for the best Flash website hosting experience.

Flash can improve your search engine rankings

Traditionally, search engines such as Google have ignored Flash-based text when determining search engine ranking. Now Google has improved its search methods to include Flash-based text, audio, and video in evaluating the ranking of a particular website. The elements that draw your visitors’ attention will now also assist with getting noticed and generating traffic from search engines.

With the right Flash web hosting services, you get all the Flash tools you need to develop powerful, engaging Flash based websites, applications, and videos. Turn your Flash website into a search engine friendly place for visitors and search engine spiders and watch your click-thrus increase and your rankings climb the charts.

Easily create and manage high definition content

Certified Hosting Flash streaming hosting makes video creation easy. The content management system includes a virtual scene creator, drag and drop uploads, and scene select for easy navigation. Web hosting with Flash lets you integrate podcasts and teasers both before and after a video. And at Certified Hosting, all Flash content is HD compatible.

From concept to creation to uploading your videos online, the tools and resources you need are available to you 24/7 along with help from a team of trained Flash hosting technicians. Certified Hosting is dedicated to giving you the power to implement your Flash media files with no buffering and no downloading, and easily embed your videos on video sharing sites.

Certified Hosting has a Flash hosting solution for you

Choose the Certified Hosting Flash website hosting plan with server resources to give you optimal Flash performance. Additionally, each Flash media server hosting plan supports unlimited user connections, enabling fast, accurate video viewing to all web visitors at all times.

Certified Hosting support staff is available 24-7 to advise you about any Flash hosting questions and general hosting questions you have with your Flash web hosting account. As a leading Flash web host, Certified Hosting gives you reliable hosting with servers configured with premium bandwidth, quick data transfers, and all the tools you need to succeed with Flash based websites and applications.

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