Use Joomla Hosting Services To Harness The Full Power And Extensibility Of Joomla

By CertifiedHosting 06/09/2011

The demand for Joomla hosting services has seen a sharp increase in recent years. A growing number of website owners are choosing Joomla hosting as an effective way of building and running personal and professional websites. Powered by the Joomla CMS (content management system), Joomla hosting provides an easy way to quickly create and deploy visually appealing websites and robust web applications replete with rich functionality and powerful features.

Joomla CMS is used to power thousands of small, medium, and large websites and web applications from personal homepages and community web portals to corporate websites and government applications. Joomla not only provides all of the major functionality you would expect from a leading CMS platform, but also has many other useful features and capabilities that can boost the performance of your website. And with a reliable Joomla web hosting service, you can enjoy a fully functioning, content-rich website that offers superior user experiences and the highest level of availability.

Why use Joomla to power your website?

Building websites with Joomla offers many advantages that other website development frameworks cannot deliver. What sets Joomla apart from the rest is its ease-of-use and extensibility. The modular/template based structure of Joomla allows you to increase your website’s core functionality and manage its look and feel to suit your exact requirements. With the modules, extensions, plugins, and add-ons available with Joomla, the functionality of your website can undergo a complete transformation. Using Joomla, a simple, low-traffic website can be transformed into a professional-looking, high-traffic website capable of facing competition and winning.

Joomla makes managing your website and keeping it up-to-date a fast and easy process. Rather than having to pay for website design and development services, Joomla CMS allows you to create your own website and manage your own content easily and effectively. With the help of a Joomla hosting solution, you can install this CMS on a server manually or via one-click application installers such as Softaculous or Fantastico. Once Joomla has been installed on your web hosting account you can log in to your administrative back-end console and manage, edit or update any item of content on your website including text, images, music, video or documents.

Joomla is synonymous with stability and security and has grown to become the most installed and utilized open-source web application framework on the web. Released under the GNU General Public License, Joomla is absolutely free to download and use for anyone who needs an effective, secure way to build and run their websites. Joomla is supported by an active community of developers, designers, systems administrators, content writers, and end users. There are many open source CMS platforms to choose from, but immense power, extensibility, ease of use, and a vibrant community makes Joomla CMS a preferred choice for novice and advanced webmasters alike.

Power up your website with Joomla web hosting services from Certified Hosting

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